Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Almost Anyone Can Teach?

This is compliments of one of my FB Friends.
WP AZ Allows Teachers with No Teaching Background

"New legislation signed into law in Arizona by Republican Gov. Doug Ducey (R) will allow teachers to be hired with no formal teaching training, as long as they have five years of experience in fields “relevant” to the subject they are teaching. What’s “relevant” isn’t clear. 
The Arizona law is part of a disturbing trend nationwide to allow teachers without certification or even any teacher preparation to be hired and put immediately to work in the classroom in large part to help close persistent teacher shortages. It plays into a misconception that anyone can teach if they know a particular subject and that it is not really necessary to first learn about curriculum, classroom management and instruction."
US News AZ Teacher Certification
"Senate Bill 1042 would allow individuals with expertise in certain areas to obtain a "Subject Matter Expert Standard Teaching Certificate" to become eligible to teach in schools and bypass the state's regular requirements to obtain basic or standard teaching certificates.

The bill would require candidates to have taught relevant courses for the last two consecutive years and for at least three years at an accredited college-level institution. They would also need to have an academic degree in their subject area or demonstrate expertise through at least five years of work experience in a relevant field."
Of course I support this as long as the Principal has the authority to interview, hire, observe and quickly fire poor performers.  Just as I wish they could do with every teacher in America. (ie private business model)  The kids deserve only the best most capable teachers in their classrooms, no matter their education, experience, seniority, etc.

And if the Principal is incapable of staffing their school well and keeping their teachers satisfied / engaged, then maybe we need to start firing poor performing Principals.


And as a readers bonus...
WP 5 Startling Things DeVos Told Congress

AHCA Scoring and ACA Options

From a previous comment, Sean's ACA Improvement plan.

"No. I think you can make some changes to the ACA to make it work much better. Here are four such changes that could make an impact right away:

  • I would extend the subsidies beyond their current cutoff point to limit some of the impact on those who are being impacted by the rising individual market premiums. The current cutoff point is around $90,000 income for a family of 4, I would extend that up to $250,000 with the subsidies having less value the further you move up the scale.
  • I would increase penalties on those who choose to go uninsured, or alternatively, institute automatic enrollment in Medicaid or a public option (see below).
  • I would institute a public option (allow people to buy into Medicaid or Medicare) at first in areas where there is only one private insurance option and to cover those who don't purchase insurance on their own if automatic enrollment were selected.
  • I would reinstate risk corridor payments in areas where there are low amounts of competition. "
And here is Moose's thought.

"Liberals aren't the ones working to take away health insurance from 51 million people in the next 10 years."
CNN CBO Gift to DEMs

Now Sean and I are actually somewhat aligned on this though I do not like the "tax the rich" technique of paying for it. And I am not sure it would be a good idea if the subsidy from the tax payers exceeded what companies pay there employees.

I mean just think of the strange warped twist...  The companies and all employees pay extra for their health insurance and the money is given to the self insured.  Thoughts?

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Trump's Budget Field of Dreams

I do not have much time to look into the details but overall you know my view...  The Feds should get out of the Welfare and Medicaid business and return it to the States and Charities...  No sense having the Feds collect the money just so they can give it to the States.

CNN Money Trump Budget
VOX Trump Relies on Magic Growth
VOX Trump Cut Medicaid Funding in Half
VOX Cuts Explained
FOX News Puts Tax Payers First
FOX News GOP Wary of Cuts
Market Watch Cuts Bloat that is Strangling Us
CNBC Red States would be Hit Hard
NPR Deep Cuts

Monday, May 22, 2017

Trump Approval Numbers and Amateur Judges

First gift from Laurie...
"57% of people think the government should do more:"
Disapproval of President Donald Trump Grows in Latest WSJ/NBC News Poll
Second gift from Laurie, in response to my saying that we should wait for the Special Prosecutors report before saying that Trump is guilty of more than just being a big mouthed person who talks too much and thinks too little.
"Your comments excusing all of Trumps actions make you look idiotic, John. While we still don't know to what extent Trump or his campaign colluded with the Russians, it becomes more clear everyday that Trump is a moron. I am not a lawyer, but it also appears to be obstruction of justice to me."
 It seems the Liberals are as anxious to get some rope for Trump as the Conservatives were to do the same with Clinton... And yet both sides see themselves as rational...  I will never understand...

Why do we have perfectly good investigative services and judicial systems if every one thinks they can pronounce guilt or innocence with certainty based on news reports from unnamed sources.

I wonder how many of these keyboard judges and jurors got his one correct?
Tulsa officer Acquitted in Shooting of Unarmed Black Man

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The G2A Nolan Diagram Rev 00

So Moose told me I am not a centrist and Jerry said he does not need labels, so I stayed up much too late combining some of my past diagrams from...  G2A Political Self Awareness and G2A How to Boil a Frog  I will need to look at it when I am not so bleary eyed.  Thoughts?

Remember that if you click the image it will get bigger.

For your info I did a self check here and they say I am more of a Libertarian than I thought...  I keep wondering why Liberals mistake me for a Conservative... :-)
And here we go again...  And no I am not trying to fool the quizzes.
Over the years I have landed in this area every time.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Trump Gets a Medal

Well it looks like the Saudi's like Trump better than they liked Obama...

I bet he is eating that up, and the Liberals will be gnashing their teeth.

CNN Trump Gets a Medal
CNN Head Scarves Trump Inconsistency
CNN Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Friday, May 19, 2017

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

When World is Run by a Child

David Brooks is one of my favorite people to listen to and read. Here Eric covers one of David's columns. MP Chaos President It is definitely worth a read.

Here are some related links...

PT The Marks of Maturity

12 Signs of Emotional Maturity

NYT When the World is Run by a Child

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Did Trump Commit Treason

Per Moose's request...
"No word on Trump's treason today? I'm just fascinated by all the down-playing and spin, spin, spin that's happening from the corrupt administration today.  I mean...this is far worse than Hillary's emails...yet..." Moose
VOX Leaking is Outrageous, not Treason
BBC Can Trump Share Top Secret Info?
WAPO On Campaign vs Now
MM Fox Rushes to Defend Trump
Fox News Sharing was Wholly Appropriate

I know pretty much nothing about this and it seems it is pretty vague.  Maybe more concrete information will come out some time.

Dayton Digs in on Budget

Now this is even getting more exciting....  Thoughts?
MP Dayton Digs In - Briana
MPR Dayton and GOP to Resume Talks
Dayton Veto Detail Page

To add a little substance here, Jerry claims the GOP budget is balanced and that he wishes the GOP had been even more aggressive..
"Personally, I would have preferred a REAL budget battle, in which spending got pretty much held the same and then increased very modestly once the Governor found he couldn't bully Republicans into getting everything he dreamed of. I don't count a, what, 12% increase, as a win for fiscal sanity." Jerry

"As I said... It won't be the high level issues that will cause heart burn... It will be those devils in the details. Those annoying controversial things that the dominant party thinks they have a mandate to put in a bill where they don't belong. " G2A

"That's a very interesting take. Mine is that most people don't make it past the high-level "spin" put out by both parties. Everything depends on the "message" getting out, and whoever has to talk nitty-gritty details usually loses the debate. Let's see how this plays out.

The question would be: suppose the Republicans "compromise" with the Governor. What do you suppose he would take, and how would he get it? The GOP budget is balanced. " Jerry

A balanced budget seems dependent on the forward looking expectations from the sides reviewing it... Or has the State Management group deemed it so? G2A
Personally I find it hard to believe that anyone knows if the budget is balanced in reality.  I mean how would they know how the changes they are implementing will impact revenues / expenditures without a serious review by an impartial party?

Go MN GOP Claims Balanced
Daudt's Letter

Monday, May 15, 2017

Hillary's Resistance Group

Well it was unlikely that we had seen the last of her... 

CNN Hillary Launches Resistance Group
Onward Together Mission Statement

Senate Struggles with ACA Replacement

CNN Senate GOP Run Into Same Problems
Reuters DEMs Criticize All Male GOP Working Group
VOX Top Senator Comments
VOX How Nevada Fixed ACA
The Hill Senate Defends Writing It's Bill in Private

I find it humorous that the GOP wants to lower healthcare premium costs by decreasing coverage for many.  Isn't anyone truly interested in reducing the cost of Healthcare in America?  It seems everyone is more concerned about who is going to pay how much for what...  Which of course does pretty much nothing to improve the health of people in our country or the amount of our GDP that goes to pay for it.
"Conservatives are making their case to leadership that to lower premiums, Republicans have to gut as many Obamacare regulations as the House bill did. On the chopping block are regulations that include things like the "essential health benefits," a regulation under Obamacare that requires insurers cover key medical costs like maternity care and prescription drugs. Some conservatives have suggested going even further than the House bill did, proposing that instead of allowing states to opt out of the regulations, the Senate would move to remove them altogether and then allow states to opt back in if they choose.

"I think we're going to leave it up to consumer to decide what they want to buy and what they need, so we're going to eliminate mandates, not add them," Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn, the majority whip, told reporters when asked about the "opt in" option.

He added, "We haven't made any decisions. We're just batting around ideas.""

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Which is More Caring / Moral?

MP AHCA Sam Even though we dropped of the first page at MP, this treasure trove of comments keeps growing.
"The word you are looking for is "Humanity" no offense. As a non religious, raised catholic, we all need to show "Humanity" if we are to survive in this world, no humanity is 101 the strong survive/ animal kingdom, the way we exterminated the indigenous people (no-humanity) the question comes, how much is enough, when does my part end and the other persons part begin? When do I have more than my fair share because I have been blessed? (Only using the term as a frame of reference)" Dennis 
"Please remember that I see government provided gifts as a 2 edged sword.
  1. On one hand it helps people who are truly in need to live and improve their lives.
  2. On the other hand it is an enabler that allows people to stay trapped in poverty, low education, dependency and lacking hope.
The first is a wonderful thing, the second is about as de-humanizing / immoral as it gets. (ie like feeding livestock) The challenge is how to use charity and social benefits to guide these people to see the value of learning, good choices, work, saving and investing." G2A 
"John:  Your tactic of shifting the argument transparent. Your basic contention was that taxation was immoral ". I must have missed the lessons regarding how the moral thing for individuals to do is to promote society forcefully taking $1 Trillion from certain citizens so that it can be given arbitrarily to other citizens."
I gave you the answer to that: a clear and direct writing by a Catholic publication on the morality and necessity of taxation for the support of the less fortunate members of society.
Your reaction is nothing more than the defense of the cult of self-interest and money, not morality." Neal 
"I believe wholeheartedly that tax payer's funds should be used to take care of the truly disabled. And that tax payer funds should be used to support people in their short term times of need, and to train them to escape dependency. This is what the piece supported.
Please remember from your quote:
"Another moral principle is that everyone is responsible for his or her sustenance"
This seems to be the part that many people on the Left have forgotten. All citizens have the moral and societal responsibility to strive to learn, improve, live within their means, work, save and provide for their own sustenance.
I believe in safety trampolines and you seem to believe in safety hammocks." G2A