Monday, June 19, 2017

How Kids Get Screwed Up Long Term

Now here are some links I can get behind. Also, why I am so frustrated that anyone is allowed to have kids in America. One has to pass a drivers license test and have enough money to pay for a car and insurance to drive legally. And yet to be a Parent one has to just have poorly protected sexual intercourse and not have an abortion. And I can guarantee that raising kids well is a lot harder than driving. 

 And as this says the long term consequences for the children and our society are huge.  Thoughts?
Childhood Emotional Trauma Closely Linked to Problems in Adulthood
Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

Unfortunately it doesn't look like licensing Parents made the CDC's list...  Oh well maybe next time. :-)
CDC Abuse / Neglect Reduction Strategies

Friday, June 16, 2017

Yanez Castile Verdict and Protests

Well apparently the protesters are back after the police officer was found not guilty. Here are a couple of comments from my more liberal FB friends.
"Well that's a shame, although not unexpected. Pray for peace."
"Just not right. Not Guilty. Really. Wow.
"He didn't deserve to die for that traffic stop."
SFGate Officer Acquitted
CNN Officer Who Shot
CNN Protests follow verdict

And here are some of my responses.
"So let's summarize, an investigation was held, the officer was charged, a trial was held and he was found not guilty by a jury of our peers and you think it is shame. Do you think he should have been found guilty because the victim was a black man? The victim regardless of race had been smoking pot, had pot in the car and was carrying a gun on him. (ie high risk lifestyle) If the victim was a white man would see the verdict as a shame?" G2A

" I never said he deserved to die, this iis a tragic situation for all involved. One young man is dead and another has spent a year being tormented by crowds of people and likely by his own mind. Again, would people be marching tonight if this was a young high gun toting white man? What do the marchers want beyond an investigation and trial?" G2A

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Electoral Votes: What is Fair?

So this discussion started here. And it requires an image for a better answer.

"Moose, Now don't be silly... They still only have 3 votes... Now each individual citizen has more power, but it is still just a pittance compared to the urban States.  So yes the system is working great. And I am thankful because Wyoming is beautiful.  I am always amazed when urban Liberals want to rule the whole country with an iron fist... So much for that tolerance of different beliefs and peoples." G2A

"Voting Power You were saying...?" Moose

"Excellent source... And I believe I was saying... "Now each individual citizen has more power, but it is still just a pittance compared to the urban States.

This is a trade off we make to keep America whole and stable. And to ensure the dominant majority of City/Coastal Americans do not run rough shod over everyone else. 

Imagine how much better off and stable Iraq would be if the Shiites could not run rough shod over the Sunnis and Kurds as they can with their form of government." G2A

"Not according to my previous source." Moose
My point was that even with the weighted electoral college system, Wyoming only gets 3 votes out 538...  That is a pittance when it comes to national control.  And strangely Liberals who usually want the minority voices to be heard would happily quiet them further.  As is often the case, I find this ironic.

MN Teacher Licensing Improved

Another big improvement that occurred is that local schools have been given the freedom to interview from a larger pool of candidates to ensure the best most qualified Teachers are allowed in the classroom.  Previously the bureaucrats and Teacher's Unions had this pretty well locked down.

MPR MN Teacher Licensing Change
Mn Daily Teacher Licensing Change

The benefit for them of course was to reduce the pool of available applicants, therefore putting upward pressure on required employee compensation.  And making it harder for administrations to replace poor teachers, therefore encouraging administrators to just keep the questionable performer.

Now we know that ED MN is livid, so it is probably a pretty good thing. Please remember that ED MN is a Teacher Union, no matter what else they say.  Their goal is to maximize compensation and job security for their members.  This is not bad or evil, it is just why they exist.

Their goal is not to ensure that our public schools maximize their performance for the good of all American children.  That is the duty of our elected school boards and the school superintendent that they hire.

Monday, June 12, 2017

MN Teacher LIFO is Gone: Thank Heavens

Erin does an excellent job with MP LIFO Surprise. As you are aware, I am against tenure, Last In First Out, steps/lanes and all the other silly Union / State rules that prevent school administrators from keeping only the best most cost effective teachers in the classroom.
Now I am aware that teachers with seniority and tenure appreciate their high job security and relatively high wages and benefits. And that they want the Union and Liberal politicians to do everything in their power to protect this good deal. This makes sense from the point of view of a Teacher in this position.
However if you are a tax payer, a parent, a young gifted teacher or a student this is a terrible deal... Here are some of the reasons why:
  • Some teachers are paid more than their performance justifies. They may be stuck in a school district where they are burnt out but still paid better than they can get else where. Do you really think they are giving 100%? Don't the kids deserve better?
  • Raises are constrained for young energetic gifted teachers by the steps/lanes table. This would have driven me crazy when I was a young workaholic engineer. No wonder attracting young highly motivated talent is hard.
  • The reality is that if any of the teachers are paid more than what they would command on the open market or if the district has to expend a lot of money to get rid of questionable performers, it means that fewer Teachers can be hired and class sizes are made larger.
  • Other
The good news is that we have made one more common sense reform in MN. At least now the admin and teachers can negotiate this at the local level. However, the Ed MN President said one of the most disturbing things: 
"It’s too early to tell what sort of an impact the state-level LIFO repeal will actually have on schools. But Specht suspects there’s not much of an appetite, on the local level, to use anything other than seniority.

There are some locals that are probably going to just put seniority in their contract because it’s easy, it’s predictable,” she said. “We actually hear that a lot of superintendents and principals like it because sometimes having those tough conversations, it’s hard for them. We also believe that teacher development and evaluation law might play into this.” 
The idea that our highly paid school administrators are too scared to address poor performing teachers and that the ED MN President is okay with it makes me SO ANGRY... Both of these groups swear that they are there to ensure that only the best teachers are in the classroom. And yet they both may support seniority policies because it is easier. Definitely some major league hypocrites. 
This quote does give me hope though I am floored that this would be a new concept in the public schools... No wonder they have so many unresolved challenges.
"My guess would be that even though it’s no longer in state law, the status quo is still going to be the default unless there’s a specific effort to change it. And that is a battle that can often require a lot of political capital on the side of the district,” said Kency Nittler with the National Council on Teacher Quality. 
Even so, she says that the repeal of LIFO legislation in Minnesota opens up a number of new possibilities for districts to factor criteria other than seniority into their layoff policies. For instance, some districts might look to negotiate a system that buckets teachers into groups based on their performance-evaluation ratings. Those with the lowest level of ratings may be let go first
From there, any additional cuts might be based on seniority. In some policies she’s observed, districts have adopted a point system where teachers can get points for their performance evaluation. This portion often carries the most weight, but they can also get points for things like experience, leadership roles, or other measures of professional growth. 
I think there are ways to make systems that are not purely 100 percent based on performance that are certainly much less quality blind than 'last in, first out,' but are perhaps palatable for the negotiating table,” Nittler said."
I mean really...  What a creative new idea.... Layoff the poor performers first...  What will they think of next... 

Monday, June 5, 2017

Anti-Sex Ed Conservatives Cause Unwanted Babies

I'll never understand the desire by the religious right to keep young adults ignorant.  NPR Teen Pregnancy Rates  From my post regarding older mothers...
"Remember that I am fine with abortions up to ~14 weeks, IUDs and morning after pills. And I am the odd voice that says welfare Mom's with 2+ kids should be forced to have an early abortion or give the baby up for adoption if they get pregnant with another while on welfare... Or they should be forced to give up all benefits...

My goal has been very consistent... Babies who are born should be taken care of by responsible and capable Parents who can afford them. I don't think Mom's / Dad's who delay pregnancy and increase chances of the baby having serious health problems so they can pursue their degree / career first count as responsible parents." G2A

And yet those back woods Religious Right folks strive to keep young women ignorant and unprotected during the time that they are at their highest risk of becoming an unprepared, unqualified and low income mamas.

Let me see: brain not fully developed, hormones in abundance, peer pressure and mixed messages all around them, emotional attractions, etc.  And the Religious old folks want them to "just say NO" because "we said so".  It is kind of like locking an over eater in the candy store and telling them to just use their will power to not eat...

What are these pious puritanical adults thinking.  And then on top of this they want to make abortion illegal and they want to cut the financial support needed by these unprepared, unqualified and low income mamas. And the irony of course is that then they say they "value humans lives"...  Maybe they do as long as they don't cost them any money or time, and they get to keep them ignorant.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

DEMs Keep Fighting Themselves

This is an interesting twist...  Apparently it is Obama's fault that Clinton lost...  Thoughts?

CNN Actually Hillary has a Point

Comedians Spark Outrage

I am wondering if Kathy Griffin and Bill Maher are smart comedians who are getting just what they want.  A lot of free publicity...  I mean a LOT of people now know Kathy's name who may not have last week, including a LOT of Liberal of potential customers / employers who support her foolish choice.

CNN 2 Comedians

Friday, June 2, 2017

Generations of Disabled Rural White Moochers

A gift from Laurie
Here is a link on another recent topic - this one about (rural white) moochers:  Generations, disabled
Just skimming it... It looks like a good application for my "don't let baby mama's and daddy's keep having and keeping babies they can not care for" rule. And yet no one likes that rule, they would rather these children grow up neglected.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Trump Climate Announcement

Yes I have found one more reason to dislike Trump...  Why would anyone in their right mind exit a global accord like this one?  I keep thinking that he is trying as hard as he can to give the Democrats full control of the House and Senate in 2019 & 2020...  Maybe he truly is a closet Liberal looking to be the next Obama starting 2019... :-)

CNN Trump Announcement
CNN Money Elon Musk to Quit as Counselor
Science Trump Dumps Accords
WP Fact Checking Trump
Politifact Fact Checking Trump
CNN Business Support Accords
CNN CEOs Very Unhappy with Trump's Choice

This SNL skit seems appropriate today.
Trump Talks with Supporters