Friday, April 20, 2018

Child Placement Criteria

So back on What is Welfare Waste / Fraud, we got into a topic that I feel strongly about. And on Minnpost Ryan's Farewell I made similar comments and got little back.
"Actually most of my craziest ideas are regarding making sure almost all kids are raised well. When the parents and kids fail it is often too late.  Unfortunately no one likes my ideas. So here is the question. 
Why does our society allow people who would never pass an adoption screening to make and raise babies?  Why do we pay them to do so? Then complain about the achievement gap?  Our nation’s children deserve better." G2A
"For a "small government" guy, where do you place the idea of a government that would decide who could or could not have children ?  A "child permit" before pregnancy ?  What happens with an "illegal pregnancy" ?  Only the "most worthy" allowed ?  Certainly, Mein F├╝hrer !! A master-race !" Neal 
"Small is relative... And as I said, no one likes my ideas... They are happy to protect the freedoms of the adults while babies go home with people who they would not let baby sit their own infant.  They fight to ensure that older Public Employees make more and their jobs are secure even as a large portion of our unlucky kids fail in school and life. We are putting the freedoms, incomes and security of adults ahead of those of our most helpless citizens. That is a choice we are making and many kids are suffering for it. :-(" G2A
We tried changing that system once. It's called eugenics, and it has fallen out of favor.
"Since the Clinton presidency, the government has been moving away from perpetual cash for reproduction.It also strikes me as a bit facile to link the achievement gap with welfare receipt by parents." RB
"Eugenics: "the science of improving a human population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics" 
My view is different...  "Children have the right to a stable home and qualified, non-stressed out, mature, supported, dedicated, etc parent(s). 
I am sorry to say, but responsible Parent(s) do not have a 3rd, 4th, 5th, 15th child when they can not afford to house and take care of child 1 or 2 themselves..." 
I don't care about the parent's genetic traits, I care about their parental capabilities, behaviors and dedication to make good choices for their children.  And unfortunately it looks like the pay for kid programs are coming back.  PBS Family Welfare Limit Changes" G2A 
"Should pretty much anyone be free to make and keep a baby in your view?
What would you do if a "not good parent" kept making babies?
Here is an update regarding the poster child for unfit mothers.
What do recommend our society do?" G2A
 The consensus of commenters has been similar to that of RB's and Neal's. In essence that adults get to keep making babies in America whether they can afford them or are capable of caring for them responsibly or not. Personally I disagree, I think our society has a duty to the child(ren) first and until we accept this responsibility the poor unlucky screwed up kids will stay with us. Angel should never have been allowed to have more than 2 children and social services should have kept a close eye on them.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

MN Education Funding is Fuzzy

MinnPost: Bill exposes one more untraceable stream of education funding, raises equity concerns.

MN Ed Funding: A Guide for Legislators

In summary:
  • This system is way too complicated and fuzzy...
  • The Feds should meet their financial commitment or drop the requirements...
  • And this is the least of MN's Education problems

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Trump Reversals

Besides lying often, Trump has a terrible time being consistent....
  • Comey is great, Comey is terrible.
  • TPP Bad, TPP Maybe, TPP Bad
  • Russia good, Russia Bad, Russia Good
  • Hold Russia /Iran accountable, Not...
CNN Trump on Comey Firing
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American's Don't Pay Enough Taxes?

A gift from Laurie.  The Week: American's Don't Pay Enough Taxes  Now one must consider the perspective of the author. Paul Waldman

Now I assume he is using this information, which seems to only include Federal revenues and taxes. Because we know the Total Tax Bill is closer to 31% of GDP.  Which we know is a BIG problem because our spend is ~36% of GDP.  Because that 5% difference goes directly to the National Debt each year.

So I do agree whole heartedly that we are not paying enough taxes, but I disagree with his reasoning.  I just think if we are rational responsible adults, we should be paying our bills and not shifting them to our children.

Note: When someone compares US revenue, spend, taxes, etc to other countries...  Make sure to note that many of these countries are smaller than MN and they are national democracies with less in local, county and state taxes.  One must compare apples with apples.

And it would be pretty easy for us to jump into the ~45% of GDP to/thru the government...  We would probably be there if we went to a national healthcare system.  And that is where the Liberal Progressives want to pull our boat for better or worse.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Kentucky Governor Bevin

Now I have had some FB friends who really like what Governor Bevin has to say here. Gov Bevin on Culture / Guns  And I agree with most of it, I mean our world is a LOT different than it was 50 years ago.  Abortion is legal, violent video games exist, pornography is readily available, physician assisted suicide is legal in some states, many irresponsible parents are allowed to have kids, social media exists, fewer people practice organized religion, etc.  And I certainly agree that the government should not be raising our children, or passing the costs of those kids on to other citizens...  Finally, he is most definitely correct that Nobody's perfect.

Regarding the Kentucky shooting, their was less press coverage, however only 2 died and unfortunately we are getting pretty numb to single digit mass murders.CNN Kentucky School Shooting  Apparently it did not even make the MJ Mass Murder List.

Now he implied that little has changed in the way of fire arms.  Which is obviously WRONG... Apparently the type of gun has changed GREATLY...  Before 1980 these really weren't on the market.  NPR History of AR15  And I am not sure when semi automatic hand guns became all the rage.

Now remember that this guy is from Kentucky where he is trying as hard as he can to end school based sex education and first trimester abortions.  CNN What Kentucky Women Want 

And he is the same man who said of Teachers taking a day to protest.  "I guarantee you somewhere in Kentucky today a child was sexually assaulted that was left at home because there was nobody there to watch them." "I guarantee you somewhere today, a child was physically harmed or ingested poison because they were home alone because a single parent didn't have any money to take care of them," he said, adding that "some were introduced to drugs for the first time because they were vulnerable and left alone.CNN Kentucky Gov Apologizes  For a man who supposedly does not want the government raising kids, he sure accepted a lot of responsibility for their choices.

Now I can accept that he is a back woods Religious Right Bible Banger  who believes in abstinence only birth control, no early term abortions, no pornography, no access to physician assisted suicide, etc.  However for all of his talking I did not hear anything for improving the situation. 

Does he want government to take away all the freedoms and technologies that make our society what it is?  Does he want us to go back to a rural based society?  Does he want government to have morality police walking our streets and monitoring our internet usage?  What is his plan for improving things?

Now we have been arguing about how to improve things, and least we have some actionable items, but to keep young people stupid about sex and protection.  That has to be one of the worst ideas out there as the ladies from Kentucky explained.  And if we want to go back in time, let's get rid of the guns that were not in the public domain 50 years ago.

The Trump / Comey Feud

Okay I'll let you off the hook on important topics like new born baby rights, what do you all think of the Comey / Trump feud?  I avoided watching last nights interview...

I figured there was little that could be said to make me think less of Trump's morals or character....  I mean the guy cheats on his wife, grabs the pussies of unwilling women, files for bankruptcy and lies constantly...  Where is the news?  And of course he proves that when he goes from praising Comey for the Clinton pre-election letter, to supposedly firing him for it doing just a few months later.

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Friday, April 13, 2018

What is Welfare Fraud / Waste?

So over here Jerry made one of his exaggerating statements with no source. No wonder he really likes Trump and I have hard time taking him serious at times.
There is massive fraud and waste in the government welfare systems, which Trump has ordered reduced just yesterday, and today we hear of a local millionaire who has been collecting food stamps just to prove the point.

Yes, many on welfare "need it" and are struggling-- nothing wrong with that but the longer it goes on and the easier it is to get, the less we are actually helping folks towards self-sufficiency. It is too easy to get ON welfare and too hard to get off. That needs to change, and government should strongly encourage and enable that change. OR (eventually) get out of the "charity business" altogether.
Before this Sean had stated:
The problem with this argument (as has been discussed before) is that we know that there's not this massive underclass of people just sucking of the teat of government when they could be doing something productive. Most of our "welfare" spend is on children, seniors, and the disabled, while the able-bodied folks tend to cycle through pretty rapidly.
And I had stated:
I have to disagree or we would not have so many unlucky and undereducated children in this country who are trapped in generational poverty and broken homes.  Please remember that I am not concerned about the short term spend. I am worried about the longer term hopelessness and even more screwed up kids.
Now with this in mind, I am going to define the following:
  • Welfare Fraud: When people lie to get benefits they should not qualify for.
  • Welfare Operation Costs: The costs incurred to distribute money and prevent welfare fraud.
  • Welfare Waste: When excessive costs are incurred to complete the function.
  • Welfare Promotion / Propagation (WPP): When the giving of services and benefits encourages recipients to stay dependent. And worse yet leads to their children falling into or staying in the trap. (ie welfare pays better than work?, extra money with an additional child?, etc)

Here are some links from that previous post.
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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Happy People

Food for thought.   Forbes Happy People

Teacher Pension Funding

This is kind of scary and humorous... MN is in much worse shape than WI and SD in being prepared to honor their obligations to their Public Employees... In fact, IA and ND are even in better shape. Who da thunk... :-)     CNN Pension Shortfall      PEW State Pensions

So were MN politicians:
  • far to generous in what they promised?
  • or were they to stingy in what they invested?
  • can they reduce the future benefits to make the problem go away?
  • or maybe they just thought our kids could make up the difference later...

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Spending Taxing and Borrowing 2018

It was good timing that the CBO Published Its Latest Outlook today since Jerry and I were discussing if one could pay all of our future bills by just raising taxes on all of us.  Personally I believe it will take GDP growth, wise tax increases and wise spending cuts to get us out of this with the least pain. 

However Jerry insists that just taxing more CAN NOT resolve the issue, which of course I think is silly. It seems to me that if we all increase our tax load by about 25%, we can bring the Revenues line up to the Outlays line. It would probably mean going back to the rates of 1998, when we last had a surplus. Of course it would have been much easier if the silly GOP folks hadn't just given us all a tax cut...  And all the politicians had not just increased our Federal spending.

From the new CBO Report linked above

The following table comes from Forbes: It is Spending Problem, I have always liked that article.  Of course the question is how do we get the current voters to stop being selfish.  As Hiram notes, our children do not have a lobbyist and they don't vote...  Which of course seems to be a problem for them since we are apparently selfish...  We keep insisting on low taxes and high benefits, even if it means putting it on the credit card of future generations.  How did we get so selfish and uncaring? 

Monday, April 9, 2018

Trump Frustrated Again

It will be very interesting to see what Mueller's probe accomplishes in the end.  For now it seems to be causing our President considerable frustration.  Of course if he has nothing to hide, I am not sure why he is concerned...

I am curious about what is covered under Lawyer Client privilege.  I mean if they find that Trump paid Cohen ~$130,000 right about the time Stormy was paid $130,000 is that privileged information.  I would not think so?

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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Balanced Budget Amendment. Really?

Sam Brodey at MinnPost: From the people who just brought you a big increase in the federal budget deficit: a balanced budget amendment discusses this most laughable concept.  Given that Trump and the GOP just signed a huge unpaid for tax cut, and a big spending bill. 

Now I never understand how current adults are okay with free loading and passing our bills to our kids via a ballooning National debt... I find that to be irresponsible and definitely not a measure of the "better" party / President... "  Thoughts?

ZH JP Morgan Sounds Alarm

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Lethal Weapon

I have been spending some more time on FB discussing Assault Weapons with some die hard... "We need them in case the federal government over reaches or the government collapses types..."  They used the Cliven Bundy Ranch Rent stand off as a good example of where the AR15 type weapons were needed. I noted that the Dakota Access Pipeline protesters accomplished a similar result without guns. And Lord knows the Black Lives Matter folks frustrate me often with their civil disobedience.

To give you some perspective... I posted the following.  "And as I said earlier, how many innocent lives are you willing to sacrifice to keep those guns readily available in our private market? Remember Las Vegas, Pulse, etc. How will you feel if one of ours kids dies in the next event?"  USA Today AR15 Mass Shootings   The reply I received was "Liberty shall not be sacrificed for safety. That's all I have to say about that. Banning a specific model of a gun will make our children no more safe - it may just make some people "feel" safer."  And one of the commenters posted this link, I assume to indicate that assault rifles are not the problem since hand guns are used more often.

Well that got me thinking...  Why do I want to tighten the screws down on bump fireable large magazine rifles? And I think it is for the exact same reason these gentlemen think they need them to hold off federal officials and/or future dictators. I mean if semi automatic handguns, shot guns, rifles and AR15 type weapons are "just guns"...  Then why do people resist giving up their AR 15 types weapons so passionately?

And the reality is because the AR15 type weapons are simply more lethal and can have bigger clips.  They are very good for killing enemies, holding off Federal Marshals, killing zombies and killing innocent civilians... And they can be used accurately from longer distances than a hand gun. (ie from safe cover, possibly a hotel room) Now to check out what I think is a pretty straight forward hypothesis, I filtered MJs Mass Shooting Records for events where more than 10 people were killed in an attack since Columbine. The results:

  • AR15: Avg Dead/Attack: 27  Avg Injured/Attack: 94
  • Hand Guns: Avg Dead/Attack: 16  Avg Injured/Attack: 30

The simple fact is one has to be fairly close to effectively kill with a hand gun...  Then some one who is "conceal and carrying" has a chance of playing Dirty Harry and killing the shooter.  However in situations like Las Vegas, it did not matter who had hand guns on the ground.

And now that the Vegas shooter has raised the bar, maybe next time it will be at a high school football game, when the kids are in the parking lot after school or at bar close.  I mean the crazy person just needs to camp out behind a wall at a higher elevation and it will be like shooting into a flock of ducks.  Whether one of the ducks is carrying a hand gun or not.

Tap to see in more detail.  Thoughts?

Update:  So I decided to re-run the numbers with all the MJ data and here is what it shows. Though Assault Rifles are involved in fewer of the attacks, they result in almost twice as many deaths and almost 7 times as many injuries.  Does anyone argue the logic?  That is what the guns were made for.

Parental Responsibilities

My sister just posted a link to this on FB...  I don't know if it is a real story...  But I LIKE it !!!