Friday, March 24, 2017

Healthcare Plan Pulled

CNN Healthcare Plan Pulled

Here is what our new friend had to add.
"...and the bill goes down in flames.
It's amusing to watch people who hate government fail at governing."
At G2A Healthcare Bill Fate Uncertain, I proposed that  the GOP has a much bigger challenge since they don't believe in robbing Peter to pay Paul...  Where as the Dems have no moral concern with mauling Paul and taking his money...


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Advice for Improving Credit Score

I didn't know me and the Mrs. were so unique.  Then again I suppose this statement does describe us pretty well. 
"They're obsessed with their finances. Chances are, if you ask someone with a top tier credit score about their finances, they can easily rattle off their account balances, credit score and savings rate. "
 There is some good advice in CNN Money Credit Scores

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

People are Rational?

Jerry made the following comment on G2A Graduation and Absent Rates, and my daily Dilbert calendar had the following cartoon recently...  I thought it was a sign from God...
"Please explain the difference between "forcing them to be responsible" and "holding them accountable." I'm failing to see the distinction. Maybe what we should consider are the "incentives" in every government poverty or education program? What is the incentive in the current welfare system? To have more children to get more money, to NOT work to avoid cuts in benefits, to not care about getting your kids to school because they don't learn anything anyway, or because it isn't even safe, etc. Compare that with an incentive that says, you can have a job and make MORE money because you can keep receiving benefits, we'll arrange child care, your kids can go to school someplace where the ARE safe and getting an education with extra help if needed, etc. People will react to the incentives (and disincentives) presented to them. They make those decisions intelligently. All government (acting for "society") needs to do is to make sure those choices are PRESENTED intelligently.

One rule I have used throughout my work is that we make it easier for people to follow the correct procedure/process than to work around it. And that getting them to success at greater rates, because of it, is its own reward, driving out the old bad practice." G2A 

Of course the challenge is that there is little that is rational about a woman having her 4th child from her 3rd man when she is barely getting by as it is.  I mean we have now entered into the emotional world where everything does not need to make sense.

The discussion on the Graduation and Absent Rates centered around my beliefs:
  • No one is even trying to force people to be responsible Parents.
  • The Liberals think everyone has a right to have as many kids as they want whether they can afford them or not... 
  • The Conservatives seem to believe that everyone is a wise and capable Parent because they can have unprotected intercourse.
  • Liberals are saying just trust the Teachers and close your eyes...
  • Conservatives are saying just trust the Parents and close your eyes...
  • Both of which have led to millions of children trapped in poverty...
I think America can do better...

Russia, FBI, Trump and Obama

Hate to be repetitive...  Thoughts?
CNN Russia, FBI, Trump and Obama

Gorsuch and Dems with Hurt Feelings

Again little time.... Thoughts?
 CNN Gorsuch and Dems

Healthcare Bill Fate Uncertain

Sunday, March 19, 2017

How Low Can It Go?

Now I am sure Trump wanted to make a name for himself, but I doubt if he wanted to be one of the least popular Presidents ever...  Here are some new approval ratings.
Newest Gallup poll
RCP Summary

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Graduation Rates, Chronic Absence

These 2 important topics got little discussion on MP, so I thought I would give them a plug here. To me they both stress the importance of society needing to take a stronger hand in pressuring Baby Maker(s) to be more responsible Parent(s).  Kids will not learn if they are not at school.

And the fact that when those adults are not, the school personnel unfortunately need to fulfill that need with low student ratios and a high amount of student tracking / guiding / counseling / holding accountable. Which of course explains part of the why MPS is so expensive.  Thoughts?

MP MPS Graduation Rates Up
MP What No One Talks About: Chronic Absences
MP Chronic Absence List

And no I am not calling the Baby Maker(s) evil, bad, etc.  The unfortunate reality is that often the adults and peers in their life modeled ineffectual behaviors and limiting beliefs, so that is what they think is normal.  Without society demanding learning and improvement from them, they will likely propagate how they were raised...

Remember the sad story a personal coach told me.  He was in Chicago and saw a young girl with her Grandma, so he asked the girl what she wanted to do when she grew up.  Unfortunately the Grandma jumped in and answered. "She is going to grow up to be a welfare Mom in the projects just like her Mama".  And we wonder why kids have a hard time escaping poverty? This has to STOP.


Ps. Please remember that I am not trying to be mean with the term Baby Maker(s).  I just needed a term to differentiate capable responsible mature self disciplined Parents from the other adults who make babies when they can not afford or are incapable of raising them well.  Unfortunately many Baby Maker(s) are still children themselves in many ways.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Trump Budget Proposal

Now I personally think Trump's budget would be much better if he made all those cuts, and cut the military some also...  Of course remember that I think many of the things the Feds do could be done by the States.  And we may have actually gotten closer to a balanced budget and starting to pay down the National Debt instead of continuing to add to it...

CNN Trump Budget
Fox News Trump Budget
VOX Trump Budget

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

With or Without You Continued

Here you go, apparently Kelly G. was frustrated that Scott B. thinks the "with or without you" meeting was a Democratic rally to harass Erik and not a real good intentions town hall.  I tend to agree with Scott... Thoughts?

SS With or Without You
SS Bassett Meeting Critique
SS Guncheon Meeting Defense
G2A Erik Paulson: Wise or Chicken
MP With or Without You
FB With or Without

Work for Medicaid

I find the idea that people on Medicaid may need to work to keep their benefits very intriguing. CNN Possible Medicaid Changes  And it seems aligned to this exchange from the comments here.  MP ACA Replacement and Freedom  As usual when I asked about what the poor should be responsible for, someone inferred that I want them to die... Life Unworthy  Which is silly of course or I would not be as charitable as I am. :-)  By the way, their were multiple responses and I just picked Dennis' as an example.
"It seems that people on the Left like to make that leap...

I do not deem to judge people "unworthy of life", I am asking at what point are free adults in our society responsible for the choices they make in life and the consequences that follow?

Or is it the expectation that the hard working successful people have responsibilities in our society, including that they must keep paying extra to continually clean up after the other citizens?

Do Liberals expect anything from the unsuccessful people in our society in exchange for all the gifts?" G2A

"Seems you make the false assumption that all folks have the capacity to be reasonable rational responsible thinkers, and act on that thought. Our success or failure is not a perfect platform to compare to another, What is that saying "Never criticize a man until you've walked a mile in his moccasins."
Actually I think liberals expect more out of society (successful and unsuccessful people) than conservatives. Gifts?" Dennis

"Please elaborate. What do you expect from the unsuccessful folks who receive a large investment from the tax payers?" G2A
G2A Job Creation Idea
G2A Keep America Beautiful

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Freedom and the Cost

My comment from MP Obamacare Replacement Freedom?
"From Wikipedia "Freedom from Want: The right to an adequate standard of living is recognized as a human right in international human rights instruments and is understood to establish a minimum entitlement to food, clothing and housing at an adequate level. The right to food and the right to housing have been further defined in human rights instruments."

Usually a set of societal behavioral expectations come with rights. Especially if society is going to tax some citizens at much higher amounts in order to provide others with that food, clothing, housing and now healthcare.

I mean we require that citizens pay those higher taxes, it is their responsibility as part of our society... With this in mind, what is the responsibility of those who receive the gifts from society? I mean they are not earning these items... They are purely gifts from the generosity of their fellow citizens.

Our society spend trillions of dollars per year on these gifts and on our public education system. What should we expect in return from the recipients?

I ask because ACA was a very large tax / cost increase that funded in essence a "health insurance welfare" system that has no work requirements. Now that certainly did provide many citizens with the freedom to have health insurance while other citizens were forced to pay a large portion of their bills. In essence one group of citizens were freed from a burden and it was placed on the shoulders of another for better or worse.
Ironically this piece MP Chronic Absenteeism posted today also and I am sure I will be adding comments.  My points will be the usual...

Monday, March 13, 2017


You know you have problems if you get CNN and Breitbart to agree.  The report came out as bad as we believed.  Thoughts?

CBO Scoring PDF

The Problem with Buy American

Now this a piece that backs up what I have been writing for years. CNN The Problem with Buy American  See the comments in MP Unions for my usual story line, here are a few...
"Well I think this is correct... " Americans have been shopping ... anti-union " Now why is this from your perspective?

My 2002 Suburban came from the Janesville WI plant. My 2010 Mustang was built in Flat Rock Michigan. And both were designed and marketed in the USA.

Now I could have bought "more reliable", more fashionable, better performing, etc product, but I thought it was important to pay a little more and support American workers. I seem to be in the minority of American consumers... Why is that?

In full disclosure: my FJR 1300 is a Yamaha... Harley does not make a sport touring bike. :-)" G2A

"Why do you want to blame the companies and give us American consumers a free pass?

The same person who complains about Walmart or the company that off shores jobs is often driving a vehicle made over seas or made in a right to work state. (ie weaker union shop) And almost all products have a "Made in ???" sticker, yet we keep buying foreign product.

And as for vehicles, we have this excellent resource... " G2A

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Extremists Control the Country

The G2A Unions are Expensive comments went far afield. And I thought they worth repeating.
"Personally I think the growth of popularity in third party candidates is because both the GOP and Dems are becoming too extreme. I sure wish Kasich would have run as an independent, I would definitely have voted for him over Trump." G2A 
I don't think the majority parties are becoming extreme, but they are painting their opposition in those terms at every opportunity, and the general population believes that rather than examining the issues involved. The extremists in both parties DO tend to control the base of the party and are the most active and vocal, reinforcing the perception. 
For example, I think Democrats are more extreme than ever after seeing a few too many marching vaginas and black-clad rioters. I'm convinced third parties will be merely disruptive until a major issue comes along not addressed by ONE of the majors. 
Not sure if, in the modern era, such a transition can even take place, or if it would be of any value. It is more likely that one of the major parties will be "taken over" by one wing or another, such as the Bernie Sanders Democrats or the Ron Paul Republicans. 
There is one other solution-- "holding their feet to the fire." Someplace along the line, somebody decided that "rioting in the streets" was better than "write your Congressman," but that gets us more of what we have, and good solutions it is not." Jerry 
"Unfortunately given the number of votes that occur along party lines, it seems that the number of good politicians who will think for themselves and listen to their constituents seems to be decreasing. 
I mean look at the grouping of the red and blue dots in this graph... There are few who are near the middle... (ie like my example candidate: Peterson) 
In summary, writing to your rep seems to make no difference... It seems our gov't has become winner takes all. Which probably explains the violent left right swings in our healthcare and tax systems, and likely the protests. (ie Tea Party and Progressives)" G2A
And since Jerry neglected to provide an example, the Conservative extremists may be the folks who are fighting the Ryan Health Bill compromise because they want ACA totally gone, no matter how many people lose their health coverage...

By the way, you can expand the image by clicking on it.