Thursday, December 14, 2017

Net Neutrality: Good or Bad?

Since I refuse to pay the high prices that cable and satellite TV providers charge for their bundled services. I am by no means an avid supporter of repealing net neutrality. However in reality I really don't know much about it.  Thoughts?

VOX Net Neutrality Repeal
Engadget Netflix Google Support Net Neutrality
Bloomberg How Google and FB Can Save Net Neutrality
PBS FCC Chair's Argument for Ending Net Neutrality
Inverse WEB Requires New Regs
Vittana Pros Cons
SA Pro Cons

A snippet from the SA link:
Pro: Yes. Neutrality has been a core democratizing principle of the Internet since the day it was born. Internet service should be like phone service: the phone company can't make the connection worse if they don't approve of the person you're calling. 
Con: But times have changed. Today Netflix and YouTube videos clog our pipes with enormous amounts of data. Or consider the BitTorrent crowd, which uses our lines to download insane exabytes of software, movies and music—illegally. Or how about Google and Skype? They've created services that let people make phone calls—for free—on networks that we spent billions to build. Why shouldn't all those services pay their share?

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Conservatives Give Away Elections

Well I think I am happy that Doug Jones won.  Besides Roy Moore's past of courting young ladies, he was really a FAR Right Religious whacko...(Link 1) (Link 2) (Link 3) I would put him to the Right and below the Tea party on the diagram below. He would be happy to use government to make people behave in certain ways. CNN How Doug Jones Won  Thoughts?

It is kind of sad knowing that the far Right folks like Bannon, and the behaviors of Trump are going to give the government to the DEMs in 2018.  I mean they are insistent on running FAR RIGHT (RR) candidates and as the diagram shows there simply aren't enough Conservatives in the country.  I mean if the Moderates and the folks on the Left are motivated and get out to vote, the GOP is going to lose often.  And the antics by the Far Right are sure motivating the folks on the Left to take action.