Wednesday, April 29, 2009 Rumors Abound

I am just not sure what to make of this editorial "Just the Facts" posting...

Rumors Abound

Why do I find it interesting:
  • Seems like something "Big Brother" would say (I am the only source you should trust...)
  • Has little to do with "Just the Facts" dissemination, and may sound a bit condescending.
  • Often I have found that there is some truth in many rumors
  • The district personnel / postings seem to represent a very biased perception of reality / fact. Which makes sense given they all work for the same employer, many have the same educational and work experience, likely have similar political affiliations, have to try to manage public relations , rational fear of litigation etc. (this is normal)

What would I do different:

  • Actively state and correct rumors on as RAS becomes aware of them. Don't try to ignore that scary broom moving in the closet, bring it into the light.
  • Publish facts that occasionally show RAS in a poor light. The rationale is that every organization has skeletons and makes mistakes. People will not trust you if you do not disclose them. They assume scandal and cover up.
  • Set up "Just the Facts" as a blog so that people can see what is being asked and resolved.

Specifics I am still waiting for:

  • Why did the Transportation Mgrs get put on leave?
  • Is there room for another section at Sunny Hollow/RSI?
  • Do we need to use PLE as a Kindergarten center this year?

Any other shadowy rumors that should be brought into the light ? Please post below and I'll try to get answers. And no I am not looking for hurtful slanderous lies, just things you have heard that sincerely have you concerned.

Just an FYI, I typically wait one to two weeks for an email reply when I ask Admin personnel a question. My guess is their in basket looks a lot like mine. So please be patient and persistent, and they will get back to you !!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Robbinsdale Criteria and Grading

The topic of criteria and customers popped into my head again while thinking about tomorrow's citizen forum, and the comments I would place on their form. Repeatedly I have questioned the RAS "Everything to Everyone Vision" (ie no matter the cost) and the opposing folk's "No Vision/Criteria" critiques. (ie just don't raise my taxes) So I'll try to clarify my thoughts and position regarding this topic.

Candidate Sicoli was very careful to repeatedly mention during the interview that the Students and Parents are the RAS customer. I don't know if he was being sincere, playing to the room or if I misinterpretted his comments, however I whole heartedly disagree with this !!! To meet the "Primary Customer's" expectation: it is important that RAS work well with Students, Parents, Employees, Communities, etc. Otherwise they will fail to delivery per the "Primary Customer's" expectations. This is critical to understanding my pragmatic grading criteria.

The "Primary Customer" of RAS and it's services is the group that pays the bills. This would be the American Citizens. With this in mind, here are the priorities I believe the typical capitalistic American citizen would support:
  1. All students graduate with the core knowledge necessary to pursue further education or begin employment at a typical American institution/company. (ie English reading, English writing, math, science, history, social studies, ~2 yrs foreign language, etc) (ie basic values, work ethic, citizenship, personal health, personal finance, etc)
  2. Student's are challenged in these subjects per their physical and mental capability. (ie special education limitations, standard, pre-college, etc)
  3. Basic broadening and appreciation experiences are provided. (ie basic art, basic music, typical sports, early language/culture awareness, etc.)
  4. Special skills and knowledge training is offered if all of the above are being met or exceeded. (ie 2nd language fluency, atypical sports, artistic expertise, etc.)
In summary: We pay for schools to provide smart, balanced, productive, etc citizens in order to continue or improve the American way of life.

RAS is doing the following well:
  • Starting to work the Goals and Deliverables process. (not perfect but it is directionally correct and appreciated)
  • Reallocating non-productive excess resources to activities that support the priorities. (ie facility closure, personnel shifts, etc)
  • Holding public forms where people get a chance to voice their opinions.
  • Caring for the children and enabling the majority of students to meet or exceed expectations.
  • Offering academic levels and challenges based on student's capability (ie general education, AVID, Advanced Placement, etc)
RAS should improve in the following areas:
  • Employee accountability and engagement. (ie deal with poor performers aggressively and actively work to improve the morale/knowledge/engagement of the remaining employees)
  • Listening and acting based on the "Citizen" voice, and not just the "Parent/Teacher" voice.
  • Improve capabilities, offering and performance of all schools and eliminate "Special skills and knowledge training" until priority 1, 2 and 3 are met. (ie offer solid common curriculum, and cancel Spanish Immersion, IB, transportation and other priority 4 offerings until these perks can be afforded)
  • Encourage competition to raise the bar for performance of all community kids and schools. (ie sell buildings to charters)

The reality is that America is in a global competition, and we had best perform or our kids will not experience the good life we have. This all starts with improving American education and reducing American attitudes that motivate politicians to support wasteful spending. Here is some light reading to help you understand my perspective. (World is Flat)

Thoughts encouraged as always...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Robbinsdale Area Citizen Comment Forum

This sounds like a very interesting event worth attending. Please mark your calendars and make the time to attend and engage in our community.

From NumbersGuy:

"For those of you that are interested in voicing your concerns and suggestions for improvements in ISD #281, I invite you to a listening forum that a group of concerned citizens are having on, Tuesday, May 5, 2009. The location of the forum is the conference room at the Rockford Road library by Crystal City Hall (42ND and Douglas Drive) from 7:00 - 8:30 PM. Please tell other concerned District 281 taxpayers about this forum.

The format is for the citizen to complete a one page form with at least one item/area that they believe ISD #281 is doing well and at least one that needs improvement or change. People will be asked to share their items with the group. The the form will be collected and summarized for the group. A second meeting will be held in June to prioritize the items/areas for improvement/change and the group plans on presenting the outcomes to the new superintendent and school board before the start of school this coming fall."
Education related links:
Speed Asked and Answered
281 Exposed Right Sized
FD OverPraising Kids

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Getting Feedback : Facing Reality

Well it has been ~6 months and 120 postings since I entered the world of blogging with the following goal:
Raising social involvement, self awareness and self improvement topics, because our communities are the sum of our personal beliefs, behaviors, action or inaction. Only "we" can improve our family, work place, school, city, country, etc.

I started and maintain G2A because I felt it was necessary to "act" and "get involved" in order to live by my chosen principles. And hopefully I have been writing and behaving per my principles. (Link1) (Link2) (Link3) (Link4) (Link5) (Link6) With this goal and these principles in mind:

  • What is going wrong and right with G2A from your perspective?
  • What are the benefits or costs of changing or not changing G2A?
  • What are some specific ideas for improving G2A?
  • Is it worthwhile that G2A continue, or should I shelve the site?

Your candid and open thoughts are appreciated as always....

Monday, April 20, 2009

Conflict with a Heart

With all this talk of understanding, empathy, peace, feelings, self awareness, etc. I would understand if you thought I must be the biggest liberal "heart on my sleeve" pushover ever. However, I'll let you in on the poorest kept secret:

I thrive on Conflict and Collaboration !!!

I find working with people that believe differently than myself absolutely exhilarating !!! The simplest rationale for this is: "If I work with 19 people that think the same as me, what new ideas are we going to generate and why do we need all 20 of us ???

Why is a "heart" while conflicting and collaborating critical?
  • You are holding dialogue or working with people that have wants, needs and feelings. You will lose your ability to listen or be heard if you stop thinking of them as individual people and start thinking of them as objects, groups, obstacles, stereotypes, labels, etc.
  • You need to know your real / absolute position in order to get somewhere. An example, you "know" you are standing in the woods North of Brainerd... When you are actually in the woods North of Lutsen... How can you participate in a productive dialogue if you are working with unclear and biased stories? (Do your research and THINK !!!)
  • You need to know where you ultimately want to end up. This a broad Principle Based destination, not a specific road map. How can you look for new solutions if you are locked into a turn by turn navigation system?
  • You should be looking to win/win the war, not the battle. Often the larger goal is similar and only the path varies, however this can only be seen by striving to understand the other persons priorities, culture, motive and perspective.

It is critical to be empathetic, self aware, principle based and using relatively unbiased stories if you truly want to influence people. (ie influence ---- not railroad...)

Examples of "Conflict with Heart"

  • As a Supervisor, you have an employee that for some reason simply is unable to perform per the job expectations. You have worked to understand and resolve the problem with the employee. Unfortunately, you understand it is not going to work out. You fire the employee with full understanding and empathy of the impact on the employee and their family. (ie "No heart" would fire that "lazy, inept, incompetent, thieving, etc" employee with only coldness or angry feelings)
  • As a Citizen, you disagree with a public policy and begin working with the policy makers to try and bring about change. You work to understand the concerns and constraints of the public officials and to see if there is a common solution. The other group is still resistant, so you create a new vision and win people to your position. All the time keeping your opponent's concerns in mind so that when the policy is changed, the opponents will feel they were listened to and some of their concerns were addressed. (ie "No heart" would insult belittle stereotype the opponent and purposefully not address the opponent's concerns out of spite.) {very popular in current American politics}
  • As a Parent, your 4 year old continually violates a well known household rule. You work to understand the child's perspective. (ie confusing rule, desire to show independence, not getting enough positive attention, etc.) Then you act to clarify or simplify compliance, or enact better punishments to drive discipline. All the time thinking of how to help the child to learn this important lesson. ("No Heart" would keep punishing the "difficult child/ brat", all the time getting more upset or angry...)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Conflict and Collusion - Break the Cycle

Continuing with some concepts from "The Anatomy of Peace" and "Leadership and Self Deception" by Arbinger.

One definition I need to clarify: "Self Deception" is something we all do on a regular basis. It is not because we are bad, mean, stupid, etc. It is just how we are wired as human beings. We create stories regarding events and people based on our history, experiences, motives, challenges, situation, etc. An easy example: an individual that you distrust and dislike does something nice for you and you create a story regarding "they must have an alternative motive" instead of "accepting the gift as a simple act of kindness".

By the way, the surest way to enter into "self deception" is to not act on what you "feel" is right. I see another person struggling to lift or accomplish something, I "feel" an urge to help them and I do not act... My stories are then that I was too busy, my needs were more important, "they" didn't deserve my help, they brought it upon themselves, they should have known better, etc

Now I realize that there are some sociopaths, psychopaths and just evil people out there, however the reality is the vast majority are just folks like you and me that are trying to manage based on their own stories and situations. What I am promoting is that we become aware of techniques that allow us to question our own stories to ensure they are as unbiased as they can be. Here is one such technique.

How to Recover Inner Clarity & Peace

Look for signs of self deception (blaming others, self justification, stereotyping, labeling/dehumanizing others, etc)

Stop and find a new perspective (friends/family who are not involved, memories, activities, places, etc)

Ponder the situation anew. Ask:

  • What are the other person’s or people’s challenges, trials, burdens, and pains?
  • How am I, or some group of which I am part, adding to these challenges, trials, burdens, and pains?
  • In what other ways have I or my group neglected or mistreated this person or group?
  • In what ways are my "better-than", "I-deserve", "worse-than", and "must-be-seen-as" boxes obscuring the truth about others and myself and interfering with potential solutions?
  • What am I feeling I should do for this person or group? What could I do to help?
  • To prevent falling back into self deception: I need to act upon what I have discovered. I need to do what I am feeling I should do !

    By the way, this does not mean that you GIVE IN ALL THE TIME or LET YOURSELF BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF !!!! More on this soon. Thoughts ?

    Saturday, April 18, 2009

    ZLE Bingo Night: A Huge Success

    Just some more good news. ZLE had a bingo night at the PMS lunchroom last night and it was a huge success in my opinion. It pulled in many people that I had never met before and the kids had a great time.

    It seemed to be a fund raiser of the best sort because it raised money and built/strengthened relationships between the Admin, Teachers, Parents and Students. Definitely an event that should be repeated at ZLE and other schools. This from a guy that had never really played bingo before.

    By the way, the chairs and volunteers did an incredible job!!!

    Thanks for all the work !!!!

    Friday, April 17, 2009

    Conflict and Collusion

    This concept comes from my favorite "improvement" books. "The Anatomy of Peace" and "Leadership and Self Deception" by Arbinger. The reason I value the model so much is that it:
    • demands we evaluate our role and responsibility in any conflict
    • challenges us to contemplate our beliefs and become more self aware
    • offers solutions to any conflict and can be created quickly with little effort
    • The key to resolving conflict is to focus on "how your beliefs and actions are creating and escalating it".
    • This is because you can only change yourself, not the other party.

    More on conflict resolution tomorrow. Thoughts on the collusion model ?

    Thursday, April 16, 2009

    RAS PTO, PTSO, etc Common Look and Feel

    "Common Look and Feel" is a phrase we use in equipment design to explain that a family of machines should share common controls, functionality, aesthetics, etc. This allows the operators to feel comfortable while moving from one model to another. Also, it can be useful in creating brand recognition.

    "Standard Work" is documented common instructions that are followed while executing a process. It typically details key actions and the party(ies) responsible. Often people mistakenly think "Std work" limits creativity and content. The reality is that "Std Work" frees up the participant to focus on the output, instead of wasting time thinking of new ways to execute it. Also, it helps people learn and execute more quickly. (ie transitory PTO volunteers)

    The new sites are a great improvement, however I think there are some further gains available on the PTO pages. It sure would be easier to learn from the other schools if we had "common look and feel"(ie web page layout & content, budget formats & program terminology, etc) and some "std work" (ie web page creation & maintenance, etc).

    And yes each school needs to maintain its individuality (ie content), however that would be the information displayed within the fixed format... See below... Thoughts ?

    I won't even touch why so many acronyms exist for the Parent School orgs...

    Meadow Lake
    Noble - Minutes
    Northport - not available
    Pilgrim Lane
    Spanish Immersion
    Sunny Hollow
    Zachary Lane
    Plymouth Middle
    Robbinsdale Middle
    Sandburg Middle
    Cooper - not available (Senior Party)
    Highview Alternative Learning - not available

    Wednesday, April 15, 2009

    ZLE/PLE Transition - A Success Story

    Well here is a brief and happy story of how change can bring very positive results.

    Last night the ZLE PTO formally elected a former PLE parent as one of next years co-VPs. Also, 2 former PLE parents are on next years fundraising leadership team. (I think the other co-VP and the last fundraising leader are both current ZLE parents)

    Now why do I find this such a positive and happy story:
    • Some folks from both schools had reservations regarding "them" and "what is going to happen".
    • PTO Leaders from both schools actively reached out to engage each other as soon as the closure decision was made.
    • Folks seem to be having real dialogue, and are challenging their preconceived notions.
    • Folks are treating each others customs, ideas and history with respect.
    • New ideas and fresh energy is being created.
    There are sure to be occasional issues and differences, however with the newly formed leadership team I am sure they will be resolved to best meet the needs of "OUR New ZLE" school.

    Tuesday, April 14, 2009

    ZLE PTO Meeting Tonight

    If you plan to have kids attending ZLE next year, please remember to attend the PTO meeting tonight. (Info)(NewsLetter)

    Active parent involvement in the community schools is a key factor in the school and students success !!!

    Monday, April 13, 2009

    Do You Enjoy Being Unhappy ?

    I meet more people that seem to enjoy thinking about what they do not have or what is going wrong in their life. I mean it is easy to do since there is always somebody who has it better than us... Or there is some goal we have not attained... Or some unfortunate occurrence that we or someone close to us will experience... And Lord knows we Americans thrive on watching the "have it" folks in the media.... Maybe we just want to be UNHAPPY MASOCHISTS ???

    Now being a solid "Type A" personality, I used to get sucked into this thankless unrewarding "non-grateful" lifestyle on a regular basis. There was a quick "rush" when I achieved something, then there was always another degree, goal, position, toy, etc to attain. Then as most of my readers know, I ran myself smack into a nervous breakdown/panic attack. This is where my appreciation for the importance of "Gratitude" truly began. Quite simply:

    Happiness begins with Gratitude

    As you have read repeatedly, one of my core tenants is that you see what you look for. In this case, actively looking for the good things will block out and make the other things less important. Also, by doing this you will actually appreciate these little blessings more. And in the case of people, you will treat them with more love, friendship and respect, which then comes back to you.

    My 3 tricks are:
    • Simply being thankful that I woke up and got out bed. It is a small one, however pretty critical given the alternative.
    • Create a thankful list whenever I start to feel unhappy. It does not have to be formal, just start writing and watch your mood change. (do this daily if it works for you)
    • Thank other people for "ANYTHING" they do that you are grateful for. Remember that no one "OWES" you anything and "ALL" helpful acts should be appreciated.
    Below are links to some additional ideas. So, be grateful and start improving your happiness level today !!!

    An Attitude of Gratitude
    The Happy Guy
    Life is a Gift

    Sunday, April 12, 2009

    RAS IntraDistrict Transfers - The Disaster

    Well I am not sure how it can be improved, however I hope it can not get much worse...

    Sun Sailor Transfers

    Now who is to blame: everyone
    • The District who made the facility decision without a clear transition plan and made some funny personnel assignment decisions. (Seniority) And seems to still be struggling with timeliness.
    • The District that believes they can force families to move East. (to schools that some folks find undesirable)
    • The parents who seemed oblivious to the proposed school rezoning maps. I attended most of the facility meetings and only Sunny Hollow, Pilgrim Lane and Sonnesyn parents showed up in earnest. It seemed most "other" RAS Parents thought it was "not their problem"...
    • Parents who fear moving East so much that they are often unwilling to learn about the good things some of these schools offer. (or could offer if more of them attended) So much so that they are looking to private, open enrolling, home schooling or moving...
    • Parents that continue to think the school district owes their kids niche programs, no matter the cost.
    Issues in play that I know of:
    • Per article, current ZLE students that are being forced to transfer out of their current school because they were not given intradistrict transfer priority.
    • Current ZLE open enrollment students that get to retain the status by being grandfathered in.
    • Families where one child has been accepted for intradistrict transfer to ZLE, and their sibling has not. A policy that flies in the face of the RAS RSI "one in, all in" policy. This is affecting current and new intradistrict transfer families.
    • A shortage of pre-AP space in PMS because enough extra sections have not been added to handle the influx of qualified students.
    • RSI graduates demanding Spanish Immersion middle school classes.
    • PLE families being drawn to ZLE, and reluctant towards Sonnesyn because "their" Principal is going to ZLE and Sonnesyn offers nothing familiar. (ie besides past AYP results...)
    • The district saying that many of these will need to wait til summer for an answer.
    • The pending crowding issue at ZLE. (Squished at ZLE)
    What is the answer ? I really do not know how to fix the issues, and am open for ideas as always....

    Friday, April 10, 2009

    Journalism : Fact, Fiction or Lies

    The following blog string started as a discussion of civic obligation and has grown to an interesting discussion of perceptions and reality.

    Speed - Star Tribune

    I have a very conservative extended family member who swears by Rush Limbaugh, and writes most others off as liberal, manipulative and deceitful.... So are most journalists honest, lying, pandering, dedicated, idiots, geniuses, or something else?

    Opinions welcome as always...

    Thursday, April 9, 2009

    Robbinsdale Superintendent: Dr Aldo Sicoli

    Well I had the pleasure of listening in on interviews for both Dr. Aldo Sicoli and Dr. Carlton Jenkins. I liked them both for different reasons.

    Dr. Jenkins was energetic, straight forward and full of passion. Dr. Sicoli seemed to have a more subdued passion, spoke more carefully, has some business background and has Minnesota school / political experience.

    Personally, between the 2 candidates I vote for Dr. Sicoli.. Now let's see what happens...

    I guess we don't need to wait...

    Speed White Smoke
    281 Exposed New Supt
    MPR New Supt
    MN SUN New Supt
    Star Tribune Article

    Wednesday, April 8, 2009

    RAS Blog Links and Meet the Finalists

    Don't forget to meet the Supt finalist tomorrow... (Schedule) (Bios)

    Below are some useful RAS community blogs. My advice is to make sure you read communication sources you disagree with. Otherwise you are likely to become "close minded"and surprised.... Remember the old saying: "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer..."

    Besides, a few well placed comments may influence or educate them slightly... Most importantly, I have never met an individual that wants their school district to fail and their community kids to come out stupid... Almost all of us want RAS to succeed, we just disagree about what success is !!! See my comments in "class size crisis?" for more details...

    DJ's: RAS - What is the Truth?
    281 Exposed - Class Size Crisis ?
    281 Exposed - Supt Costs
    Speed - 2 Finalists
    Speed - Meet the Finalists

    Tuesday, April 7, 2009

    Gratitude and Robbinsdale Schools

    As one of my Anonymous readers noted yesterday, I have been pretty critical of late. I admit that I was wrong and they were correct.

    This does not mean that I am going to stop being critical and proposing changes with regard to RAS, however I will make a conscience effort to write about things that I am grateful for in this district.

    John's Top 10 Favorite Things about RAS
    • The vast majority of my daughter's teachers, and the staff the girls deal with are incredible.
    • My wife who volunteers at ZLE and PMS a great deal, and keeps our daughters on track. I get off pretty easy due to her efforts. (ie mostly check writing and tutoring)
    • Most RAS meetings are open to the public, all you need to do is make the time.
    • Most RAS documents including the budget are available online, all you need to do is make the time.
    • The schools and facilites are in great shape thanks to many employees. (especially since many are my age or older, and they host many hundreds of kids each day)
    • The people that volunteer to help raise funds, host tours, w/ school pictures, w/ yearbooks, w/ hearing tests, mentor kids, etc are awesome.
    • The people that volunteer or work on the InterSchool Council, Legislative Action Committee, Financial Advisory Board, School Board, etc. They have a tough job given our diverse district.
    • The general education and pre-AP curriculum are great because kids can be challenged at their level, in their areas of strength.
    • The diversity of the student body has given the girls many great learning experiences that I did not have in rural Minnesota.
    • I trust the RAS bus system to deliver my kids safely to and from school each day.
    Please feel free to add things you are grateful for....

    Monday, April 6, 2009

    Confidence and Saying "I was Wrong"

    Remember "Happy Days" and the "Fonz"... He found it very difficult to admit he was "WRRRROOOOOONNNNNNNN.....". I also found this difficult when I was younger.

    Strangely, I found it much easier to admit when I was WRONG as my confidence grew and I got wiser. Three companies, a dozen positions, hundreds of co-workers, dozens of classes, a wife, 3 kids and thousands of mistakes probably helped me learn this. The other thing I learned was that you can really build relationships by saying the second part... (ie I was wrong and you were correct) It is amazing how much this is appreciated by people.

    With this in mind, I am wondering why politicians, companies, schools, people etc only seem to spread the positive news/facts. Has our society become so litigious or intolerant of human mistakes that admitting errors is just too risky ? Or do these folks suffer from the "Fonz" syndrome? Wouldn't we respect and trust people that more candid ? Or would we crucify them ?

    By the way, you may guess that I still need some pretty good facts to help me see my errors. However, I will happily apologize and give credit to the correct party as credit is due.

    Saturday, April 4, 2009

    RDale and Wold - Math Facts Matter

    Let's start this one with... I need help with my "Just the Facts".

    Here are the following rumors I have heard lately from multiple sources....
    • PLE may be needed as a Kindergarten center because there is not enough elementary room in the communities where we closed the elementary schools. Not needing the space was one of the key reasons for displacing the PLE families.
    • RSI may not be able to expand because they have room for additional K-2nd classes.... However they do not have room for additional 3rd - 5th classes... Growth potential was one of the key reasons for displacing the Sunny Hollow families and moving RSI there.
    Now I am hoping these are incorrect and can be proven so. Or I hope RAS has requested a full refund from Wold. Please reply with correct information if this is inaccurate or misleading.... I will happily write a retraction and help crush these rumors if that is all they are. Better to deal with them than let them fester.

    Thanks John

    Friday, April 3, 2009

    Robbinsdale Schools - Getting what we voted for?

    Please check out the following letter. Do you agree or disagree with Christine?

    Sun Sailor Letter to the Editor by Christine LeFever

    Christine, If you are out there... What is your source for the projections?

    Personally I hope there isn't another levy run within three years... I just got my tax bill... (RAS $419 to $719) And I'll owe J Ewing $100 if they don't make it 3 years before asking for more money... C'mon RAS show us you can live within the budget, I still have the faith !!!

    Thursday, April 2, 2009

    Groups vs Teams and the RAS Board

    Often I run into people who say that their department, volunteer organization, company, family, etc is a team. At these times, I typically just shake my head. The reason for my disbelief is that to be a team, the group of people need to be actively working together to:


    This means they need to be clearly defined in a relatively SMART manner. This is why functioning Teams are so difficult to attain and so powerful once they get going.

    Last night, I was reminded that the RAS school board is a group, and not a team. When asked by the Supt candidate how the board would know when RAS had reached their goal of being a "Premiere School"? There was some silence, some general answers, some we are already there, and many other answers. The point is each individual still has a different vision of what is success?

    Now being a group is not a bad thing and it may be appropriate for a board. Yet without a clear common measureable definition of success it will be real hard to attain it, prioritize expenditures, measure gaps, know when it has been reached, etc...

    Speed Supt
    T vs G Foster
    T vs G Berkely
    T vs G 1000
    T vs G Transbay
    T vs G MM