Sunday, September 12, 2010

G2A Principles

I have my Trying For Balance graphic to the right. Here are the affirmations and related values that go with it. I often fail to meet these high standards that I set for myself ~4 years ago, however they do act as a solid anchor that keeps me from going too far adrift. They help me stay self aware, and are incredibly valuable when strong emotions surface or I am faced with difficult life choices. Finally , I hope they show up in my writing....

I owe the general concepts to and their discussion of Principles that appear across almost all formal religions and forms of sirituality. It seems if we get past all the human documentation, tradition, ceremony and interpretation issues, the core Principles are pretty unviersal. I have to wonder if God is laughing or crying over all the conflict that humans create in God's name.

My Principles have been stable for the last couple years, however I am always up for improvement ideas. Thoughts?

I align my thoughts, words and actions with truth and have the courage to act with sincerity and honesty. This strengthens me and my relationships. (ie, impartial, objective, open/full disclosure, honor confidences, meet professional and personal responsibilities, loyalty, authenticity, trustworthy, due diligence, no conflict of interest)

I work and strive towards self-improvement, because wholeness is not realized in a moment. I need the confidence to endure all situations in order to reach my goals. (ie diligence, initiative)

Self Discipline
I restrain my lower desires through determination. And through obedience to my higher self, I develop inner control and greater confidence. (ie health, behaviors)

I maintain a feeling of calmness and concentrate on higher thoughts. By focusing on higher thoughts and actions, I am better able to connect with the divine. I also take the time to go within my heart, where I find my true self and creative energy.

I accept my present situation as a necessary part of a grander plan. This new freedom allows me to surrender my wants and desires and welcome whatever comes into my life. With this new awareness comes contentment and peace. (ie compliance, patience)

I choose moderation in all aspects, because it brings balance into my life and helps maintain my inner peace and true reality. The alternatives would be burn-out, stress and illness, which would hinder my productivity and creativity. (ie abstinence, temperance, emotional/spiritual/mental health)

I maintain my trust and hope even though I live in the midst of uncertainty, because God pervades all things. Faith is my willingness to take the next step without fear or looking back, and yet have the patience to trust God and not try to force the results myself.

I am grateful and appreciative for what life has given me. I think magnanimously and act generously because abundance is the universal reality, therefore what I give to life returns to me. (ie family & friends, home location, financial security, great job, personal successes, health, hobbies, experiences, prestige, recognition, pleasure, joy)

I maintain an attitude of unpretentiousness and modesty, and realize that God in his own way and time will reward me with whatever I need. As long as I rid myself of pride and maintain an attitude of gentleness toward all life. (ie questioning, humble)

I am alert to highly significant events that cannot be explained, because I then have an opportunity to go beyond the daily occurrences in my life. I am also receptive and have the courage to act on my inner promptings, thereby supporting my transformation into a higher self. (personal freedom/power, independence, creativity, experiences, spontaneity)

I choose a new understanding of my situation, because forgiveness is a conscious act that frees me from the damaging image of myself as a victim and dissolves the poison of resentment. This frees me to extend mercy and compassion to myself and to those who have wronged me, which reconnects me back to my real self.

I work to be discerning and self-aware, so I can distinguish between beneficial and destructive things that I attract into my life. I need courage to take the next step toward wholeness by eliminating the negative desires that attract chaos into my life. If I do not curb my destructive desires, life becomes increasingly difficult. (ie personal development, wisdom, expertness, self renewal, vision, values)

I choose to see the beauty of the simple things in life and perfection all around me, instead of complexity and distortion. Therefore I retain the innocence and joy of life that uplifts me and reconnects me to my true inner self. (ie chastity, live now, notice)

Cause & Effect
I am accountable for my every thought, word and deed, and recognize the wisdom of restraint and being aware of the intentions of my actions. For every action there is an equal reaction. (ie karma, awareness, consequences)

I use positive inner dialogue to bolster my self-esteem and self-respect. This frees me to nurture all individuals by being the caring, compassionate, thoughtful and kind person I truly am. (ie empathetic listening, understanding, concern, affection, protect, friends, family, affirm, support)

I strive to treat all whom I meet with courtesy, tolerance and cooperation, because everyone is part of the divine family and deserves my respect. No matter their religion, sex, culture, age or status. (ie justice, fairness, win/win, trust, open minded, honor autonomy of others, acceptance)

I came into this life with a special plan or purpose to help elevate humanity. I am responsible for successfully executing the plan and infusing my service with the creativity of my special God-given talents. (ie benevolence, leadership, community/society/environmental responsibility, interdependence, mentoring, contributing)

I choose to be optimistic, cooperative and enthusiastic, rather than a victim of my negative emotions, so I remain in control of myself and maintain inner happiness. The alternative would be to choose negative feelings, which would make my life infinitely more stressful and complex. (ie praise, affirm, appreciate, congratulate, collaborate, motivate, cheer, empower, positive)


Anonymous said...

Admirable and comprehensive. But I since can't consistently remember a five item grocery list. I seriously doubt I'd mentally manage 18 guiding principles.


John said...

Since I have trouble with a 1 item grocery list...(usually buy extra stuff, and forget what my wife asked me to pickup...) I have them in a frame over my desk at work.

When things get difficult or I am stumped, I pause and review the ones that are applicable to the situation.

For my day to day interactions, "Respect" is the one that goes along way... And assuming that the other person has good intent.