Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Use BMI with Care

On a much lighter topic... Or maybe heavier... :-)

Personally I like referencing the BMI chart, it is an easy and pretty accurate tool for the majority of people.  However the linked pieces do cover some exceptions that every one should be aware of.

Unfortunately even after losing 10+ lbs I am still at ~27 and unlikely to ever get back to a 25.  At 6" I would need to get down to ~185 Lbs.  I think I am pretty comfortable in the 195 to 200 range.

CNN: Calling BS on BMI
HN Using BMI Chart (chart below from there, touch to increase size)

Partisanship, Propaganda and Disinformation

A gift from Laurie:

Here is a post / link from K. Drum that I found interesting, maybe because it paints a picture or media consumption more favorable t the left. This will give you something new to argue against if it interests you. a link is provided to the full report if you don't like Drum's brief summary.

Fake News: It’s Mostly a Right-Wing Phenomenon

Harvard Report

I'll need to study it in more detail later. I do agree that folks on the Right and Far Right do have a hard time with the big picture and conflicting views. I mean their willingness to watch FOX News pretty well proves it.

Though it may be statistically significant, I sure don't think they have a monopoly on it. I can pretty much guarantee what my Liberal FB friends will post on, and it is not an unbiased middle of the road link.

As for the Trump vs Clinton coverage, I am curious if they counted all the media coverage of Trump's outrageous claims as discussing the issues... Like when Trump said Mexicans were murderers and rapists... The news gave him all kinds of negative coverage...  Now was that counted as discussing immigration or ripping on Trump?

Stereotyping and Prejudice

In the G2A Unite the Right post we have been discussing who was at the rally and why. Especially after Trump doubled down on his belief that both sides were responsible for the escalation. Here is some of the discussion.
"So you are all absolutely certain that every protester there was a neo-nazi, skin head, racist? Source please. It just seems to me that you are dehumanizing them, just as you accuse them of doing." G2A

"OK, let's assume that a person felt that from a purely historical standpoint that the statue should stay and said person was not racist or antisemitic. If you show up and see that the march isn't a bunch of like-minded folks, but rather a bunch of neo-Nazis, why do you stay around and join with them? Who says, "Hey, I bet these dudes with swastikas and yelling the n-word and talking baout how Jews control everything are just the right people to help make sure the Confederate status stays up?" Sean

"There is no way an intelligent, non racist person should / would join that rally with neo nazis and the KKK. If one joins them they share in the blame for their views and actions. The racist views were central to this demonstration and not from some tiny faction. Someone could take their deep love of confederate history and write a letter to the editor about don't remove the statue." Laurie
Then I provided some links that explained the diversity of groups that were gathered in town that day.
DP Unite the Right Attracts More Radical Attention
NPR Collection of Groups
SLPC Bickering Galore

Now apparently the Liberal logic is that if you choose to join a broad scoped protest...  You are now officially part of the worst faction who participated in the protest...  So with this in mind, does that mean that Liberals who participate in a protest where folks from Antifa show up in black masks and break stuff are now full fledge supporters of political violence?

I will never understand the desire by both the far Left and far Right to Stereotype groups and be Prejudiced...  :-(

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Centrist Health Care

I am just putting this here because it fell of the front page at MinnPost and comments were occurring until now. MP Centrist Health Care  On second thought I chose to bring Sean and my discussion here...  No sense waiting for their Moderation.
"The problems of the Medicare reimbursement rate can be solved. In fact, Maryland has taken a couple of critical steps to solving it. First, they have an "all-payer" model, where all third-party payers (Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance) pay the same rate for the same service. The rates are typically higher than Medicare/Medicaid, and lower than private insurance rates from before the reform. This has been combined with initial steps to move beyond a fee-for-service model by capping hospital revenue on a per capita basis." Sean

"It will be interesting to watch... Maryland Plan  Do you know if all hospitals and Doctors have to accept that one rate?" G2A

"If they are accepting third-party payments, yes. If the individual is paying out of pocket, then the provider is free to charge whatever rate they see fit." Sean

Sunday, August 13, 2017

How to Deal with Rising Oceans

I thought this was an interesting concept...
CNN Tech Dutch Test Floating Islands
Wiki Off Shore Wind Farms

And just think how easy it will be for rich people to set up their own exclusive island country with it's own laws...  They can just have it built in the future. 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Unite The Right and Opponents

Sean asked... "Are you enjoying the "economic anxiety" rallies going on in Virginia? "  My google search took me hear...  CNN Unite the Right  Is this what you are talking about?

If so I guess my answer is that it takes 2 to fight...  My guess is that the Far Left folks will out number them and cause most of the problems.  I am also against taking down so many historical statues just because they are politically incorrect.  Kind of like the silly people who a going to rename Lake Calhoun to something people can not pronounce.

MN ESSA Feedback Request

From Jerry:
MDE has asked for public comment on a tediously long and politically correct document, full of high-sounding words and woefully short on real substance. I predict 10 more years of education failure in MN. See what you think. MN DOE Asks for ESSA Plan Feedback
Of course I went immediately to the ESSA Accountability Document, which is long and full of words.  Unfortunately as I often say, I just don't see accountability improving until Education MN and the Public School bureaucrats are willing to truly change the system...  Which unfortunately for the unlucky kids is not likely to happen anytime soon.

History of Gerrymandering

Eric explains the history and significance of gerrymandering in this MP post.  And he details a case in Wisc that is pending.  It and the comments are somewhat interesting. Thoughts?

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Balance of Power

I really wonder if Trump will ever figure out that he is not the Boss?  I wonder if this is how he treated potential customers and business partners when he was trying to make a deal?

CNN Trump Just Picked a Dumb Fight with McConnell
VOX Trump Tweets McConnell Should Back to Work
FOX Trump Blasts McConnell

Let's think, McConnell is 75 years old, just got elected for 6 years and reports to the People of Kentucky.  Why again should he care about taunts from a petulant youngster?

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Fixing Income Inequality

From Laurie

I am going to stick to the topic about jobs and wages with a K Drum link about wages:
Chart of the Day: Middle Class Incomes vs. the Rich, 1946-2014

I believe the median income should go up and the super rich should pay more taxes. We could use some tax revenue for infrastructure which would help middle class jobs.

Can't decide what to add about education subtopic except educating low income ELL (learning English) students is very difficult.

from NYT piece Drum Links:
Our Broken Economy, in One Simple Chart

"It’s true that the country can’t magically return to the 1950s and 1960s (nor would we want to, all things considered). Economic growth was faster in those decades than we can reasonably expect today. Yet there is nothing natural about the distribution of today’s growth — the fact that our economic bounty flows overwhelmingly to a small share of the population.

Different policies could produce a different outcome. My list would start with a tax code that does less to favor the affluent, a better-functioning education system, more bargaining power for workers and less tolerance for corporate consolidation.

Remarkably, President Trump and the Republican leaders in Congress are trying to go in the other direction. They spent months trying to take away health insurance from millions of middle-class and poor families. Their initial tax-reform plans would reduce taxes for the rich much more than for everyone else. And they want to cut spending on schools, even though education is the single best way to improve middle-class living standards over the long term.

Most Americans would look at these charts and conclude that inequality is out of control. The president, on the other hand, seems to think that inequality isn’t big enough."

Monday, August 7, 2017

How are Jobs and Wages Doing?

As Trump claims that he is making a big difference...  I find the following links and quote interesting.

CNN We Still Have Jobs Problem
CNN Money How is the Economy
Politico Jobs Growth at 1 Million

"The pattern of job growth in 2017 remains essentially the same as in 2016. According to the Labor Department, an average of 184,000 jobs per month have been created this year, compared to 187,000 in 2016. If you eliminate January, when President Barack Obama was still in office, the monthly average is a somewhat lower 179,000.

House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady (R-Texas) called the report “solid” and said, “Our economy is making steady progress with more people entering the labor force and continued job creation.” But he cautioned that the report “also shows too many Americans are still having a hard time finding good-paying jobs, getting a raise, and providing for their families.” " Politico Piece

A Centrist Health Plan

Apparently Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (moderate Democrat) and Ohio Gov. John Kasich (moderate Republican) made an interesting pitch on "Face the Nation" Sunday.  Eric at MP discusses it here.

Unfortunately with so many citizens living in their Far Left or Far Right bubbles...  I really do not know how this would happen...

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Can DFL Reconnect with Rural / Outer Burbs

This MP Post discusses one of my favorite topics. Here is the first comment I left here.
"I agree with Karen:
Matt, I keep hearing that the Democratic Party is supposed to be open to people with different views, and yet your response seems more typical. Apparently Democratic politicians need to comply with your views on social issues our they don't count. 
It seems to me that the Democratic and Republican politicians have the same problem... They are focusing on their further Left and further Right party members, and therefore losing the votes of those who live in the middle. 
The good news is that more moderate folks like myself will have greater impact in future elections. The down side though is that who ever wins always wants to take a hard left or right..." G2A

On Vacation. Again...

Now isn't Trump the guy who said he would have no time for vacations because he would be too busy working for us citizens?

Didn't he also criticize Obama for taking too much vacation and playing too much golf?

Now it turns out Trump is the guy spending a LOT more time on vacations and golf.  Not to mention the huge amount more his travel and security is costing us citizens.  I truly wonder sometimes if Trump feels any regret for all the lies he spews forth?

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Grading Immigrants

I personally am fine with scoring immigrants and prioritizing the entry of the ones that will make America great...  And since there is no shortage of English speaking workers from most countries who would love to move there.  The CNN reporter was just being silly.

My thoughts from Beijing...