Tuesday, February 23, 2010

G2A Book List

Use the "G2A Book List" link to check in once in awhile. Please note I start with Self Awareness, because without this the rest are just academic exercises....

Self Awareness
- Anatomy of Peace (Arbinger)
- Leadership & Self Deception (Arbinger)
- Life's Greatest Lessons (Urban)
- The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Covey)
- Strengths Finder 2.0 (Rath)

People and Communication Skills
- Emotional Intelligence (Coleman)
- How to Win Friends & Inluence People (Carnegie)
- Crucial Conversations (Patterson, etal)
- Crucial Confrontations (Patterson, etal)
- Influencer (Patterson, etal)
- Difficult Conversations (Stone, Patton, Heen)
- You Just Don't Understand {Women/Men} (Tannen)

- Whatever It takes, Geoffrey Canada's... (Tough)

Decison Making
- Yes or No, The Guide to Better Decision (Johnson)
- Decision Traps: The Ten Barriers... (Russo, Schoemaker)

Change Management
- Our Iceberg Is Melting (Kotter)
- Who Moved My Cheese (Johnson)
- Who Killed Change? (Blanchard, Britt)

Morale Building at Work
- Fish! (Lundin, Paul, Christensen)
- Fish! Tales (Lundin, Paul, Christensen)
- Gung Ho! (Blanchard, Bowles)

Anxiety and Stress Management
- Transforming Stress (Childre, Rozman)
- How to Stop Worrying and Start Living (Carnegie)

Management and Leadership
- The Servant Leader (Autry)
- Leadership is an Art (DePree)
- The Secret (Blanchard, Miller)
- 1 Min Mgr meets Monkey (Blanchard, Oncken, Burrows)
- The One Minute Manager (Blanchard, Johnson)
- First, Break All The Rules (Buckingham, etal)
- The Deming Management Method (Walton)

Creativity and Customer Focus
- The Power of Impossible Thinking (Wind, etal)
- Raving Fans! (Blanchard, Bowles)

- Atlas Shrugged (Ayn Rand)
- Sophie's World (Gaarder)

Relationships and Kids
- The Wonder of Girls (Gurian)
- Men, Women and Relationships (Gray)
- Men from Mars, Women from Venus (Gray)


Unknown said...

Thank You! I just started trying to put a list together of sources on such topics. Very Appreciative...

John said...

You're welcome !!! Thanks for the reminder that I should probably review if any of my recent reads should be here...