Saturday, March 23, 2013

Deep Portage Field Trip

Sorry for my absence, I was camped out in Northern MN with my sixth grader.  I was acting as a parent chaperone during their Deep Portage field trip.  Robbinsdale 6th graders have been given this excellent opportunity for ~20 years.

The kids are given the opportunity to learn and experience many things that they would not normally be exposed to.  We did a survival exercise, cross country skiing, used a compass to find our way through the woods, snow shoed, studied animal signs, climbed a rock wall, and more.  Needless to say I have muscle groups aching this morning I did not know I had...

Even though it is a bit chaotic to have 80+ 6th graders in the room, I am going to miss not being part of it again.  This 6th grader was my baby, and the third time our family has taken part.  The camp's staff and the RDale personnel do an excellent job, and the kids learn so much.

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