Saturday, October 3, 2015

Moral and Ethical Issues


Laurie said...

your blog is more interesting when you makes comments I can disagree with rather than just putting up some links. Why don't you pick one and share an opinion. I would enjoy it if you would attempt to defend the way bankruptcies laws are structured for the benefit of the rich. The way Black and Robert Reich explain it, the topic just pisses me off too much to even know where to start with my objections.

John said...

Just for you Laurie, here are my quick thoughts. I am trying to catch up on other things after my 14 days in India/China.

Assisted Suicides: Let people control their own death, and reduce our medical costs.

Drug Testing: "Please keep testing. I will never understand the desire of some people to keep children with unfit Parents... And we wonder why we have an achievement gap..."

Bankruptcies: Why do some Conservatives find a man with multiple divorces and bankruptcies a viable political candidate for President? I will never understand...

Working Families: If you don't like shift changes and chaos, don't work in the restaurant business... If you think there is a lot of money in operating a small business, try starting one instead of demanding all this extra stuff.