Monday, November 16, 2015

Democrat Debate Good Sleep Aid

I can't get a comment published again...  Go figure.  After a long day of hunting and a good meal I sat down with my Conservative Parents to watch the debate on Saturday night. About 1 hour later I woke up and all 3 of us were sleeping soundly...  MP Democrats Debate  So here is my response to Paul's comment.
"Since the Democrats are all dealing with the same reality (we're the party that does that) they are going to converge on the same issues and solutions -- only the details vary. That may make for less exciting theatre, but for better governance." Paul
 I have to agree with him that they were consistent:
  • If you elect me President, I will provide many of you with additional programs, funding, services and bureaucracy, and it won't cost you anything because I am going to take the money from other evil greedy people.
  • If you elect me President, I will encourage more illegal "no background check" aliens to cross the border, and budge in front of legal "background checked" immigrants, by offering them amnesty, a path to citizenship and immediate programs, funding, services and bureaucracy. And it won't cost you anything because I will raise the minimum wage and take the money from other evil greedy people.
I think I heard that common message at least 5 times before I drifted off to sleep. 

I especially liked when they kept saying that the netflow of illegal immigrants was zero...  Which of course avoids addressing the fact that ~400,000 illegal immigrants entered the country without being screened.  Kind of tough to swallow after the Paris attack on Friday.


Anonymous said...

Here's the deal. If you elect a Republican president, he will take away health insurance from millions of Americans. He will send American troops to find a ground war in the middle east. He will wreck the economy. And he won't do anything to change the status quo with respect to illegal immigration.

The reason only one Republican has won the popular vote for president since 1988, is that the American people implicitly understand all these things.


Laurie said...

I missed the part of the debate where the candidates said they would completely open the borders. I believe having secure borders is actually a bipartisan position.

John said...

I did not hear any of them talking about tightening the borders. They seemed quite happy that the net immigration rate was ZERO... And seemed to show no concern over those ~400,000 people flooding across the border with no background check.

Did I miss something?

jerrye92002 said...

"I believe having secure borders is actually a bipartisan position."

That's an interesting belief, and arguably true. I think the difference is a classic liberal-conservative divide. Liberals say that is what they want (or thinks the public wants to hear) and (at best) expect those words to make it true. Conservatives want to actually make it workable and working public policy.