Friday, January 29, 2016

GOP Debate and Trump's Absence

CNN GOP Debate
CNN Trump's Party

Any thoughts on either of these topics? 

My only thought is that Trump reinforced again that he is one of the biggest narcissistic prima donnas in the world and I can not understand why people are supporting him...  If our population likes actors so much, I think George Clooney would be a shoe in for President if he chose to run.  And if people like that womanizer Trump... They would LOVE George...


Anonymous said...

Fox chose Megyn over Trump on the theory that while she is the future of Fox News, a year from now Don will be back hosting a third rate TV reality show.


John said...

We can hope so, but it is looking unlikely right now.

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Even the religious Right turns a blind eye to his unethical sinful past, present and likely future.DB Trump and Evangelicals

Anonymous said...

In fairness, and without irony, one thing I have noticed is that they are very forgiving people.