Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Trump Against Globalization

It will be interesting to see what the consumers / voters think of paying more for the low priced products they love and seem addicted to.  Could you even imagine all our Cars, TVs, Phones, etc prices increasing by 35%?  I sure am happy that I am not a very active consumer.

The Clinton response was classic...  Thoughts?

CNN Trump Against Globalization


Anonymous said...

Deals cut both ways. Donald is a deal focused buy in a deal focused business, real estate. He is also someone who likes to use his economic power to renegotiate deals. Of course, the bet any renegotiator make is that when he reopens a deal, he will be the one with the power to make a better deal for himself.

An example of this is with Britain. It made a deal with Europe according to which both parties got something. The Brits now want to negotiate a new deal, hoping to get more than they received in the first negotiation. The risk they are taking is that they might lose what they received in the first deal. Brits assume that with respect to Europe, they are in the stronger negotiating position. Whether they are or not, whether they are or not, remains to be seen.


John said...

I think the Liberals are equally interesting in this respect.

They continue to demand higher compensation, more job security, more benefits, etc for questionably capable employees.

They continue to demand that illegal residents be pardoned and officially allowed to enter our workforce.

They continue to demand additional welfare and government programs for those who lack the skills, knowledge and effort to thrive in the US economy.

They continue to buy high foreign content products and services.

It seems they want all the benefits of globalization while demanding that they should be protected from the consequences.

Globalization is simply competition... The countries who are ineffective, inefficient and/or have a lower percentage of productive citizens/capital lose... The countries who are effective, efficient and/or have a higher percentage of productive citizens/capital win.

John said...

The USA has a huge head start on many other countries due to our low corruption, transparent markets, political stability, lower cost of government, etc.

And yet other countries are improving quickly.

So are we going to compete aggressively and improve?

Or are we going to start a trade war which will raise prices and limit our access to goods and services?

John said...

On the upside... If Trump renegotiates NAFTA and harms Mexico economically... We will have more illegal low cost labor flocking into America again... :-)

jerrye92002 said...

My biggest complaint about Trump is that he talks about penalizing imports or penalizing employers who move overseas, when what he should be doing is stopping our government from making such free market decisions necessary. Making us more competitive by getting US government out of the way-- taxes and regulation-- rather than putting gobernment MORE in the way with trade barriers and regulation.