Sunday, April 30, 2017

School Lunch Shaming

I am curious what the folks who often seem hesitant to hold Mamas and Papas accountable think of this story...  MSN NYT Lunch Shaming

Personally I think the kids should get their lunch and the irresponsible Mamas and Papas should get punished somehow... (ie late fees, public service, etc)


Anonymous said...

Not interested in punishing any mama and/or papa who manages the extraordinary task of getting their kids to school I think the role of parenthood in our society should be revered.


John said...

Odds are that the "parents" who forget to ensure the food bills are paid for their children... Either by the government or themselves are also struggling to ensure the kids are in school, homework is done, etc.

Remember that there is a big difference between being a "mama / papa" and being a "parent".

So what do you think the school should do when there is no money in the lunch account?