Friday, January 30, 2009

RAS Facility Transition Q&A

The Q&A documents provided by RAS are sales oriented, however they are useful and informative. My comments are:
  • Why are we continuing Spanish immersion into middle school? (driving cost and complexity in the form of transfer buses and program administration)
  • How to handle the large number of intra-district transfer requests? Is it time to bump all the non-RAS kids that open enroll to ZLE and Spanish Immersion? The Q&A says In-District families have priority.
  • No Child Left Behind accounts for the student body's current demographics and performance when setting the AYP targets. With exception of the Special Need and ESL language students, there is no reason the targets should not be met. (time to move our focus and priority)
  • Hopefully Obama does not rescind NCLB, it is one of the few accountability tools offered to measure public school performance. Also, problems that stay hidden tend to not get fixed.
  • Pilgram Lane is a school building, lease/sell it to Beacon Academy. Raise the price if nervous about competition.
Transition Page
Q&A 23Jan09
Q&A 28Jan09

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