Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dead Beat Parents

After discussions with a few folks, it turns out there may be some very good reasons that schools will be unable to meet AYP goals....

Dead Beat Parents

By this term I refer to those parents that do not understand, do not accept or are unable to fulfill the roles and responsibilities they accepted when they chose to have children. Some examples of how this supports failure include:
  • Parents are required by law to approve holding the child back when the teacher/administration thinks inadequate progress has been made. Often parents who are indifferent to kids performance refuse....
  • Parents are required to sign kids up for special needs services. Sometimes parents refuse to avoid the stigma or "embarrassment"....
  • Parents need to sign kids up for and provide transportation for extra learning services. (ie summer school, tutoring, etc) Often the same parents think this is too inconvenient and not worth the sacrifice....
  • Parents, especially in poverty, move often and prevent the kids from having a stable learning environment. Often these parents would not be educated enough to fill the gap via home schooling.
  • Parents and others that believe speaking poor English and treating people in authority disrespectfully is a cultural right.
  • Parents fail to attend Teacher conferences, ensure homework is completed, etc.
Does this mean we should discontinued NCLB or AYP? NO WAY !!!

This does mean that the problem needs to be clearly identified and legislators need to work with educators and parents to resolve it. The challenge is that parental and state rights/responsibilities are certainly at odds in this case. However, for America's success it is critical that ALL kids have a base academic proficiency !!!!

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