Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Robbinsdale Schools: Squished at ZLE ?

The following is to provide information for those who are looking to open enroll or intra-district transfer to Zachary Lane Elementary for the 2009/2010 school year. It is a great school !!! With only one little bitty problem that will certainly be exacerbated this year....

The building was designed when "open classrooms" were in style. And for some reason this was not changed during the remodel. The upside of this is that it makes team teaching much simpler. The downside is your children will hear everything that is said or done in the neighboring classroom.... Some kids can block it out, others find this distracting

In the past years, there have been some empty spaces that have helped to reduce the disruption. In 2009/2010, I believe the school will be filled to the max with no sound deadening vacant space. Here is why:
  • It sounds like the existing out of district open enrollees and intra-district transfers are guaranteed a spot.
  • Due to the school closures, boundary changes and the newly assigned Principal from PLE, there is an unprecedented number of intra-district transfer requests for ZLE.
  • The lunchroom is the only multipurpose room, their is only one gym and Adventure Club is very popular.(currently uses 2 classrooms)
  • Creative Play uses one classroom and is a very popular feeder program. (ie pre-K kids like going to "their" school)
  • The pressure on the administration to "let me in" will be intense.
I am certain it will still be great school, however if you are looking for small class sizes or quiet classrooms, you may want to look somewhere else. Just be aware of this when you tour the school/classrooms.

I have asked informally about the need for additional walls and how the district will keep us from the MAX class size, however no response yet. I am betting the school gets filled up...


Anonymous said...

I recently heard that the board is talking about having to lease portable classrooms or purchasing room dividers for ZLE. How much will that cost the district?

Personally I think the kids that are open enrolled from out of the district need to be asked to move to a different school in the district. Wayzata did this a few years ago when Plymouth Creek and Kimberley Lane were at capacity. ZLE should be open to only in-district students.

What is it with our board members? They had to see this coming! You can't close two schools on the west side without repercussions. In a way three schools on the west side with New Hope Elementary closing a few years ago.

Christine said...

Stan Mack has said no transfer requests will be honored for Zachary unless a Zachary student asks to transfer to another school. Then that spot will be filled. It appears that no transfer requests are being honored anywhere. The open enrolled students at the closed schools have been assigned new schools, but that is it.

Stan Mack also promised that there will be no portable classrooms anywhere in 281 next year.

We'll see...