Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Guns - Too BIG?

You have to watch the videos that TwoPuttTommy linked to over at MPP
MPP Semi Automatic, Yeah Right

If you are a gun collector with a passion for things that go boom, you will think they are the coolest thing ever.  If you have a fear of guns in our society, these will scare you severely and confirm your beliefs.

Now the irrational testosterone filled gun lover in me wants to go out and buy one of these just for the fun and thrill of it.  However the rational, scared for my fellow citizens wants to ban these  and keep them only in the hands of the military and police.

Could you imagine the carnage if some insane idiot truly did open up into a crowd with a gun set up this way and say 10 high capacity clips?

Then again, if the crazies did not have guns will they just resort back to arson, bombs, serial killing, etc to fulfill their twisted fantasies?

So what do you think, how big of guns should citizens be allowed to own?  I'd love to fire off some rocket propelled grenades, would that be okay?  Or maybe a minigun...  Thoughts?

One more strange question... Why did the silly politicians want to limit clips to 10 bullets when many normal hand guns hold up to 13?

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Anonymous said...

You keep overlooking the fundamental, which is that it is against the law to fire wildly into a crowd of innocent (or even non-innocent) civilians. Crazies intent on violating that law aren't about to be deterred by a little unenforceable law on what an "assault weapon" is. On the other hand, an innocent civilian with one of these could certainly reduce the carnage wrought by a crazy or group of crazies. In fact, since most defensive uses of a gun do not involve even one round being fired (just "brandishing" the weapon), you want citizens to have the ugliest guns they feel comfortable having.

J. Ewing