Monday, February 25, 2013

MN: Buy a Drink on Sunday

Now, we have discussed the separation of Church and State in many important areas.  I mean we have covered the pro-life/pro-choice issue, the gay marriage topic, physician assisted suicide legality, and many other relevant / contentious issues.

Well now here is the really important issue:
Why in the world can't I buy a six pack of beer on a Sunday in Minnesota?
Does anyone here support this silly law?  If so, why?

The reality is that it won't make much difference in my life since I am a planner with a separate beer fridge.  So I don't think you will ever find me short on beer on a Sunday.

However the point is still valid, why is this intrusive religious based law preventing the free market from operating on Sunday. Do we really want the religious right preventing capitalism and stifling our state's economy?

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A few words from one of my favorite bands.
ACDC Have a Drink on Me

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John said...

So do we have consensus that Sunday alcohol sales should be allowed?