Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Transparency and Spying, Really???

Well apparently Senator Franken thinks our spies should share their techniques and methods...  Which of course makes little or no sense to me.  And apparently some folks think we need the NSA to curtail their activities.   What do you think?

And please note I linked to sources from across the bias spectrum.  Which is ironic since historically this seems to be a topic where the far right and left come together...

CNN Need Transparency Regarding Spying: Franken
CNN Concerned by Proposed NSA Limits
Fox News NSA Chief Lobbies Lawmakers
Fox News House Considers Limits
Mother Jones Vote to Defund
Mother Jones NSA Surveillance Programs
Daily Kos Vote on Curtailing NSA's Power


Laurie said...

This topic does not interest me as much as it probably should. I skimmed through Franken's opinion piece for CNN. It sounds reasonable to me to increase oversight, including giving the public more info on the scope of the surveillance. Mostly my opinion this time is influenced by the fact that I have come to like and trust Franken as a senator. I also have a positive opinion/trust in Senator Ron Wyden who spoke on this issue today.

Congress Moves Toward Meaningful Reform of Domestic Surveillance (The Nation)

Your idea of presenting a variety of perspectives is a good one, though the particular mix in this case needs a little work, if you are aiming for a balanced view of left and right bias and are including DAILY KOS you should really include a blog from the right (though don't bother for me as I am not much interested in reading far left or right blogs.)

Anonymous said...

What Al doesn't seem to grasp is that our spying is already pretty transparent. It seems our nation's secrets are turned over to entry level employees of government subcontractors who distribute them freely across the globe.


John said...

House Rejects Effort

I still like the GOP controlling the house...