Thursday, January 23, 2014

Free Trade Agreements

Dan Burns at MPP appears to be against Free Trade Agreements.

Since 70% of the revenues for my current and previous American owned employers come from selling product overseas, I guess I have to disagree.  What do you think?

Since I am much closer to the actual transactions in this job, I am actually taking classes on import/export laws, rules and processes.  And every day I leave class thanking God that interacting with that bureacracy is not my primary function.

NAFTA Costs / Benefits
EPI High Cost of NAFTA
About: NAFTA Benefits
NCPA Benefits to USA and Mexico

I found it interesting that the EPI link says that it caused America to lose jobs, whereas Dan's stuff says that it didn't incerease employment in Mexico.

I agree that it moved some jobs from America to Mexico. Which is actually a good thing because otherwise those jobs would have gone to Malaysia, China, Vietnam, etc.  I keep hoping that Mexico could find a way to deal with their corruption issues so they could become more successful.

Remember that while I was touring the Mayan ruins, I asked the guide which souveniers were made in Mexico so I could support their manufacturing businesses or artisans.  He said not many...

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