Thursday, May 15, 2014

MN DFL Spend Spend Spend

Short on time today, however I thought you may find these interesting.
MinnPost DFL-GOP Bonding Bill Blow Up
MinnPost Legislature on Roads, Transit
MinnPost Legislators Strike Budget Deal
MinnPost Slurping Up the Surplus Slows

In summary:
  • DFL wants to spend the majority of the surplus. (surprise)
  • They will spend little on infastructure and great deal on public buildings, parks, etc.
  • The surplus money that will be "redistributed" to citizens will not go to those who paid too much in taxes. (ie funded the surplus)  Instead it will go to those who paid less in taxes, many of whom are DFL voters.
Do you notice anything else informative or noticeable in this session?

Thank heavens they need GOP votes to pass the bonding bill or the DFL would have signed our children up for paying back even more DEBT.

The following article made me wonder if the "DFL's tax and spend" us into growth plan may have run into a problem...  MinnPost MN Lost Jobs in April  Which would be ironic since they kept wanting to take credit for MN's great success of late, even though the GOP was pretty much in control until about 1 year ago.



Laurie said...

yaaawn. I did glance briefly through a PP press story on budget/bonding bills and found the
$100 million on housing mildly interesting. If out state cities have growing companies what need is there for the state to contribute to housing. (building additional shelter space makes sense to me as my church is once again providing overflow shelter space for families this month)

I guess if voters don't like what the DFL is doing they will lose the majority, but I think they will hold unto it, though it could go either way.

John said...

It would be interesting to see the sources of that "State" money. I am guessing the rural areas South of 94 and in the red river valley make a big contribution to the state's revenues. Besides enabling our metro food companies to thrive.

It is amusing when the metro folk think they deserve the state's budget more than the rest of the state.

John said...

"yaaawn", I figured you would be cheering. The DFL over taxed our citizens to the tune of $1,200,000,000, likely most of it coming from us who pay income tax. (ie $500+/household)

And instead of giving it back to those who paid, they chose to spend it or give it to those who likely pay little or no income tax... It seems like something you would support.

Of course the problem will come when another recession appears. This larger spend will become the DFL's new baseline, forgetting that it was a temporary windfall. Then they will cry and gnash their teeth, saying that those terrible GOP folks are cutting the budget.

John said...

Remember what my smart hourly wage friends know...

Never increase your standard and on going cost of living while receiving overtime pay. Because that extra money can disappear, leaving only unpaid bills.

John said...

Hot off the electrons...

MinnPost How They Got It Done

Sean said...

How much the Republicans spend on roads and bridges in the bonding bill when they had the majority?

(Hint: it's less than what was in the current bill.)

And, Republicans are so committed to spending more on infrastructure that they took away the committee chairs of people who voted for the last gas tax increase.

So, before you start throwing stones at the DFL regarding infrastructure, take a look in the mirror first.

John said...

That was in total dollars. I agree that they were stingy with our tax dollars and tried not to burden our children with debt. The DFL does not seem to share that concern.

Of what the GOP did fund, I assume infrastructure was a higher percentage of the bonding bill?

Sean said...

Percentages don't build roads. Dollars do.

John said...

What do you think of the job losses?

Just a random fluctuation or a ripple effect from DFL policies?

On the upside, maybe the DFL is going to spend enough of our tax dollars to offset the money we no longer have in our pockets to invest, give to charity and buy things with.

I hope they are smarter at spending my money than I am...

Sean said...

The April job losses are disappointing, but the long-term trend is positive. We'll have to see what future months bring.