Friday, July 17, 2015

MN Conservative Think Tank

Here was an interesting article/comments that I had not cross linked.  Who would have thought we have a conservative think tank in this Liberal state...  Thoughts?

MP MN Conservative Think Tank


Laurie said...

I checked out their website and found a few interesting things. I also noticed that Katherine Kersten was one of their frequent contributers, which did not impress me as I almost always strongly disagreed with her column in the Strib. I did find issues worthy of debate featured such as school vouchers.

jerrye92002 said...

That you did not know of this wonderful organization speaks volumes about your information sources, and that you consider them unique, as if the only conservative think tank in MN, says even more.

John said...

In all my years of doing this, I don't think anyone has used them as a source.
Center of the American Experiment

What other MN Think Tanks do you recommend?

Laurie said...

Growth and Justice
I have even given them money after the president spoke at my church.

Here is a database of organizations that try to influence policy, though very few are labeled think tanks.

I know a few organizations that do research and try to influence education policy, including center for school change, minncan, and generation next.

jerrye92002 said...

Laurie, thanks for the wonderful list. I only wish they had been categorized according to the "tilt"-- conservative or liberal-- because AFAIK there are no "objective" lobbying organizations. Which, come to think of it, is a sad state of affairs. Why isn't anybody pushing our legislators to figure out what is the best thing to do, and do that?

"In all my years of doing this, I don't think anyone has used them as a source."-- John

Maybe the problem, John, is that you keep looking for "sources" of information and to my knowledge that is not what most "think tanks" do. THEY gather information from various sources, THINK about them and synthesize an opinion. That is, they either rate a situation or proposal "good" or "bad," or in some cases go on to formulate a more desirable course of action. So, isn't that what WE do, here? We don't quote think tanks as sources; we form our own opinions from facts known to us, though sometimes those opinions agree (often, probably) with what one of these organizations has said on the subject.

Come to think of it, in that light, Laurie's list is far too short. I often find myself in agreement with Rush Limbaugh or some other conservative pundit or even some rare politician. I don't quote them as a "source" unless they have said something particularly well, though I do tend to trust they have done their homework, or that I can confirm their information independently.