Friday, August 21, 2015

Circular Reasoning

Here is a strange post...  MP Clinton Email  Drama and Circular Reasoning


jerrye92002 said...

There are several interesting aspects to this, and though I wish for Hillary's sake it would "just go away" it probably won't, not for some time.

It is Rush Limbaugh's theory that this is all being deliberately orchestrated by Obama, so rather than "getting to the bottom of it," it will be a drip-drip-drip continuous distraction and subtraction from her campaign.

I like to believe three impossible things before breakfast, but I'm losing count. If HRC "carried only one device" and that linked to her server, then she either had classified information on it or as SOS she never received any, making her completely "out of the loop" of her own job.

If John Kerry's State Dept. server was hacked, then how much easier would it be for the "enemy" to compromise Hillary's? Of course, if there was nothing classified on it (see previous)...

Whether it was hacked or contained classified information or not, it was flat-out illegal for her to have it and in fact she was charged with enforcing that law on everybody under her, so how is it possible that charge has not been brought, PERMANENTLY barring her from public office?

How believable is it that, after personally deciding which "15,000" emails to turn over, EVERY email disappeared from the server? Why were not the 15,000 "official business" records kept, again according to law?

Where did she get the money for all this? Do we have some misappropriation of public funds going on?

Why do reporters keep asking about how this affects her campaign rather than asking her why she is not in jail-- the more relevant question to which I suspect the answer.

Sean said...

You can say many of the same things for Jeb Bush's e-mail archives (self-selected by him as well), which show no 2000 election related correspondence, for instance, even though we know from the phone records of his administration that there was lots of communications between Tallahassee and Austin.

jerrye92002 said...

WHICH "things can be said"? Are there charges of threats to national security or violation of federal law involved? How about repeatedly lying to the public or to authorities or to authorities?

Sean said...

It took Jeb Bush *7* years to fully comply with Florida law regarding the turnover of his e-mail records from his personal account. Bush self-selected which e-mails to turn over, which I'm guessing is why his archives show scant detail on any of the controversies that happened while he was in office.

Given that no one has yet established any breach of law from Clinton's use of a personal e-mail, it's a bit premature to go down the road of taking her wrist size for handcuffs.

jerrye92002 said...

"Given that no one has yet established any breach of law ..."

Isn't it more correct that no one has officially CHARGED a breach of law? It seems obvious just from what she has admitted that she broke at least the Records Act.