Monday, August 10, 2015

MN Education Articles

Some charters who get about half the funding of the Union Controlled Near Monopolistic Public Schools got not so good report cards, so the Liberal Union friendly commentators at MP smell blood and attack...  Ironically the charters still did better than the status quo schools.  I will never understand how all these union supporting adults can spend so much time and energy fighting for money, seniority, power, security, work rules, etc while all those unlucky kids are unable to read, write and do basic math...

Of course the Conservatives are not much better since they ignore the reality of unlucky kids with dead beat Parents.
MP Charter Grim Scores
MP Lucey Laney Scores
MP Charter Innovate



jerrye92002 said...

I'm not ignoring unlucky kids with deadbeat parents at all. I am not going to blame them for making bad choices about their kids' education when our system offers them no choices at all. When the public schools get so good that they drive the "choice" schools out of business, or vice versa, only then can we talk about how many "bad parents" are left out there. As it is, our public school systems are simply perpetuating the cycle of "bad parents," and creating more of them.

Anonymous said...

Good comments Jerry!! Everyone remember that ALL the educational systems are imperfect (humans are involved)??!! Different systems work better for different students and parents??!! Therefore, giving parents and students choices is the BEST way to meet the vast range of population!!

The NumbersGuy

John said...

You guys are so amusing... "when our system offers them no choices at all"

First of all, everyone has the freedom to move to another community. Which of course is the primary cause for the problems that the inner metro schools and communities face.

Second, we have open enrollment, choice is yours and PSEO.

Then we have magnets, privates, and charters OH MY...

Tons of choice and the concerned dedicated responsible parents have/are taking advantage of them. Which of course leaves the traditional inner city publics with whatever students are left over.

Now I agree that the Union / Public schools have significant room for improvement, effectiveness and efficiency gains. However denying their current student body reality helps no one.

jerrye92002 said...

"First of all, everyone has the freedom to move to another community."

Har-de-har-har. It is to laugh. Here we have a lovely 3BR, 2Ba cottage in Edina Schools, a steal at $315,000. 20% down, because of your poor credit rating, is $63,000-- you'll have to tap into your savings account. And your monthly payments will be about $1581/month. That's a pretty nice welfare check you've got.

How do you suppose those inner city schools have "students left over" if everybody had a choice to go elsewhere?

And why do we claim that those wanting schools to improve, as you admit they can, of "denying the current student body" when defenders of the status quo are DENYING they can do better. Which is worse?

John said...

A home in Edina may be a stretch, though I am sure there are some old apartmets for rent there also. However there are many other less expensive suburbs and there are many nice towns in Greater MN.

I was driving through Marshall MN a month or so ago. I was amazed to see different groups of people who looked middle eastern. I had only expected to see White, Hispanic, Black and Indian.

jerrye92002 said...

You are "assuming" there is suitable housing or somewhere else where "good schools" have driven up real estate values. You are also assuming that poor people can easily acquire the significant financial means to access this housing. Somehow it seems obvious to me that those who HAVE the financial means to escape the failing inner city schools do so, leaving those who LACK the financial means. Condemning their kids to substandard educations that will perpetuate that economic disadvantage ought to be criminal. It's certainly immoral and irrational.

John said...

Many of us are still here because the schools / Teachers are just fine. And we think it is okay that the girls get used to interacting with a wide variety of people. The good news is that they quickly learned to avoid the truly unlucky kids with their behavior issues, poor academic work ethic, etc.

By the way, they have friends from all races, and avoid kids from all races. Just a reminder that lucky / unlucky is not a racial issue, it is a family / parent issue.

jerrye92002 said...

Exactly right. You have made a CHOICE. How many of those "unlucky" kids and parents CHOSE to attend this school and, if so, doesn't that make them "lucky" by your definition? Or are these kids still unlucky because they don't have the choice of going to a different school that might serve them better?

My opinion is the whole school full of kids is unlucky because some kids will succeed regardless of their environment (but could do better in a better environment) while those dependent on the best teachers, curriculum and environment are failing to get the opportunity they were promised.