Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Democrat Candidates in the Twin Cities

No time, but these are interesting.  Thoughts?


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John said...

What do you think of these comments from Link 1 based on Paul listing all our terrible problems...

"I thought Jason said it was the Conservatives that supposedly rant about the dire straits our country is in. I will never understand why the far Right and far Left folks keep looking for bad news when we live in a super country where billions of other humans would love to live. Oh well !!!

God Bless America !!!" G2A

"...in Order to form a more perfect Union.......

...pursuit of happiness....(“the pursuit of happiness” means something like occupying one’s life with the activities that provide for overall wellbeing. This certainly includes a right to material things, but it goes beyond that to include humanity’s spiritual and moral condition.)

Refinement, John, not debasement." Neal

"Refinement would mean a vote for Hillary or Jeb. All the folks on the far Right and far Left who are calling for "Revolution" seem to want something more drastic.

Since our recipe is pretty good right now, I happily support gridlock and refinement. Thank heavens the 2 extreme positions seem to balance each other out." G2A