Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Race / Academic / Marriage Gaps

CNN Where the Biggest Gaps Are
CNN Why the Racial Gap will Not go away
Star Trib: work, family, race in Minnesota
Economic Status Minnesotans: Chartbook:17 Cultural Groups

When reading these links, please remember the simple fact in bold below.
"The chartbook reports that 20 percent of nonelderly African-American households had no earners when the data was collected. This compares with 15 percent in the Somali community, 7 percent in the Hmong community and 3 percent in the Mexican community.
In both the African-American and Somali populations, 30 percent of households contained two or more earners — compared with 57 percent of Mexican households and 69 percent of Hmong households. 
The effect of this type of disparity is notable. The chartbook reports that full-time Hmong workers, Mexican workers and African-American workers all earn substantially less in median pay than white workers do — a type of gap that gets much well-deserved attention. But it also turns out that median African-American workers earn substantially more than either their Hmong or Mexican counterparts. 
Yet total median household incomes are strikingly higher in the Hmong and Mexican communities. In some significant part, that greater overall well-being results from there being more workers per household — the elementary economic benefit of family and work."

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