Wednesday, May 4, 2016

US Jobs for Poorly Educated White Men

I think some folks see me as only picking on minorities for their life choices. Well let's pick on those lucky folks, the White working man. I mean they have no history of slavery, bias from the police, racism from others, etc... Yet it seems many of them are facing significant hardships. CNN Money The Men Left Behind

Please note some of that many of the terms from previous discussions show up in this article.
  • Low academic capability
  • Divorced
  • Many children
  • Drug addiction
And yet here is a piece that explains what American production plants need.
And of course Hilary and Trump have plans to try to keep jobs here...

Well we know if they have their way, our products and services will get more expensive for better or worse. And our exports will likely be reduced. I hope they pass some kind of law that US consumers can only buy high domestics content products and services. It would be interesting how the American voters would like that... :-)

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jerrye92002 said...

It's so incredibly simple, and yet our government couldn't pass the test to be classified as simple-minded. You simply pass the FAIR tax into law. Corporate tax rates fall to one of the lowest in the world, so companies either come or stay here. Our exports suddenly become cheaper by about 23%. Our economy saves roughly $400 Billion in compliance costs that could better go somewhere else. Investment soars and the economy with it. Oh, you might have to make US citizenship (or maybe a "guest worker" permit) a requirement for holding a job here, but we should have done that long ago. Too simple, apparently.