Saturday, November 12, 2016

Silly Clinton

CNN Clinton Blames Comey  She runs on a platform that is further Left than any modern candidate except Bernie...  She is a secretive uptight introvert who never was open, approachable and honest with the public.  She fails to energize the Democratic base, especially the young folks.

Now she is surprised that she lost and looking for a "scape goat".  What a silly Clinton...

MP Romney vs Trump in MN  I mean Trump only got ~3,000 more votes than Romney.  So MN must have only been close because the Democrats did not come out for her.  This probably is why we have a GOP MN Senate and House now.

" On Tuesday, he was the 11th consecutive Republican nominee to lose the state’s electoral votes. But he finished just 1.5 percentage points behind Democrat Hillary Clinton, which is a very slim margin compared to President Barack Obama’s nearly 8 point margin in 2012 and more than 10 point margin in 2008. 
Trump and Mitt Romney, the Republican who failed to defeat Obama here, and ultimately, in 2012, got about the same share of Minnesotans’ votes for president — just shy of 45 percent. In terms of total votes, the counts were similar, too: Romney’s final vote count was within 3,000 of Trump’s 1,322,892 in Minnesota on Tuesday, according to the most recently available election results from the Minnesota Secretary of State."


John said...

And Drum is as foolish as ever...

Laurie, Thanks for the link so I could see this article... :-)

John said...

Maybe the Liberals won't learn anything from this loss... :-(

Laurie said...

"Hillary Clinton didn’t just win the popular vote. She won it by a substantial margin.

By the time all the ballots are counted, she seems likely to be ahead by more than 2 million votes and more than 1.5 percentage points."

Not exactly a mandate for the GOP to implement their agenda and dismantle 50 years worth of progress.

also, your attitude on this blog has become ugly and obnoxious since the election and I am very likely to quit reading it again. You and Jerry, can have at it celebrating the destruction of our country.

lastly, the Comey letters did tip the election as a 1% shift away from clinton was enough for Trump to win.

John said...

Apparently CNN is still at 60,347,043 to 60,970,146... And 290 electoral votes to 232... It may not be a mandate but it is a huge win.

If you call this result "progress"... I have to disagree with you. I would call it social engineering gone TERRIBLY WRONG.. And you wonder why people are poor?

John said...

"ugly and obnoxious"

I am sorry you feel that way, I think people protesting and rioting because they lost fair and square is ugly and obnoxious. What would Sean and yourself be saying if Clinton had won and it was the Trump supporters who were causing the social unrest? I can just imagine.

As I pointed out to my Parents very abruptly when they tried to celebrate Trump's win. I am very happy that Clinton Lost !!! But I am not happy yet that Trump won !!!

However I am happy to give him a chance to prove to me that he can be a responsible and productive President.

Now G2A is not here to support the world view of Liberals or Conservatives, since I find them both very irrational. Hopefully you will get through the stages of grieving and be ready for a new year with a new President. It is coming no matter what.

Take care of yourself.

John said...

Along those lines.

10 steps in Recovery
Yahoo Coping with Trump Win
USA Today Stars Cope

Laurie said...

I don't think it is about moving through stages of grieving, I see it as a patriotic fight for what is good for America and all its citizens (and the world when you consider climate change). I think there will be protests all across the country on inauguration day and if the Trump transition proceeds as I expect I will use a personal day to join one in Mpls or St. Paul

Anonymous said...

But Trump ran on a left wing platform too. His spending plans would boggle the mind of any liberal. While firmly opposed to Obamacare, he has recently spoken out in favor of it's most financially destabilizing feature, the insuring preexisting conditions.

Trump during his campaign promised all things to all people. The result is he is a complete unknown right now, and impossible to categorize. There is already talk among conservatives about impeaching him. Obviously, they would much prefer Mike Pence as president. That means Trump has to tread very carefully, but it is also the case that with Democratic support, he could negate any conservative threat of that kind. Bear in mind that Trump is a man without political and moral character. Those things can have a profound political upside.


John said...

Of course Liberals are going through the stages of grief. They thought they were going to win the Presidency, the Senate and make gains in the House.

They thought our society was becoming excited to embrace progressive wealth transfer policies and the crushing of religious rights.

They were giddy with joy of this social mandate to turn our country into a Social Democracy where every body had money and health care whether they chose to work, sit at home or be a criminal...

So the crushing realization that ~half the population would rather vote for a "thug" like Trump than sacrifice America to that dream was a crushing loss.

Good luck at the protest.

John said...

Agreed. I am counting on Trump moving back to his more normal moderate state. Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Of course Liberals are going through the stages of grief. They thought they were going to win the Presidency, the Senate and make gains in the House.

We didn't think America would elect a thug as president. Of course we are grieving.


Sean said...

All the Clinton Foundation "pay to play" scolds are going to be hawking President Trump to make sure he doesn't have any conflicts of interest while in the White House, right?

He's sure off to a great start, continuing to refuse to release his tax returns, having his children involved in the transition as well as running his businesses, and creating the potential for appearances of favortism (and outright bribery) in lots of routine government matters. (What's going to happen to the supposedly pending IRS audits, for instance?)

John said...

Since he is wealthy and own fixed assets, this is going to get complicated. No doubt there.

Sean said...

"Since he is wealthy and own fixed assets, this is going to get complicated. No doubt there."

It's fascinating how Republicans are so blase on this point after lighting their hair on fire over the potential conflicts of a Clinton Administration. The Clinton Foundation must be shut down but we continue to allow the Trump family to run their for-profit business while having their hands in the workings of the Administration. IOKIYAR strikes again.