Thursday, July 13, 2017

Baby Charlie Gard

This is a fascinating story and I am sure happy that I am not the judge.  I hoper he is as wise as King Solomon.
  • Does society let the Parents turn their son into a lab rat?
  • Does society let the Baby die by removing life support?
  • How much is society willing to spend on 1 genetically flawed baby as others normal babies and children die needlessly?
  • Other?
CNN Charlie Gard Update


Laurie said...

I tend to lean towards let the parents decide unless there is widespread agreement that they are making the wrong decision that clearly leads to suffering. There is also $ to consider but in the case it seems they can afford the experimental treatment from a large amt of funds that have been donated. I don't have a strong opinion on this case because I really know very little of the medical information.

John said...

It seems the Doctors / Hospital must think the baby is suffering, otherwise I am pretty sure this would not have ended up in court.

Laurie said...

I think many doctors are reluctant to go along with experimental treatment. Also, I wonder if the parents have any doctors taking their side in this legal battle.

John said...

Doctor to Come to London

John said...

I find it interesting the US Doctor has such a different view from the London Docs who also have administered the same therapy.

CNN Charlie Gard Update

"GOSH paid tribute to the "great fortitude and devotion" of Charlie's parents. But, it said, Gard and Yates "fundamentally believe that they alone have the right to decide what treatment Charlie has and does not have," whereas the hospital "believes in its core that every patient is his or her own, unique and special person and that it owes a duty of care to each."

The hospital said it had treated more than 1,000 patients with mitochondrial disease and offered nucleoside treatment where appropriate. But, unlike his parents, it does not believe that Charlie can be helped.

"It has been and remains the unanimous view of all of those caring for Charlie at Great Ormond Street that withdrawal of ventilation and palliative care are all that the hospital can offer him consistent with his welfare," it said.

"That is because in the view of his treating team and all those from whom GOSH obtained second opinions, he has no quality of life and no real prospect of any quality of life."