Thursday, July 20, 2017

Trump's Strange Conflict of Interest Concept

Fox Trump Interview
CNN Trump Interview
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Well the above pieces pretty much support Hiram's comments from the Trump Jr post... Trump seems to think that he is appointing personal employees who should put his wants first, when he is actually appointing government employees who's job is to put our people and the law first. Inside his head must be a very strange place.
"Crimes are statutory things and the criminal statutes are published on the internet. Generally speaking, the criminal law doesn't speak of "collusion", the legal term of art is "conspiracy". Conspiracy is pretty much the same in terms of penalty as the crime itself. 
In terms of right to know, Trump has a basic problem. For the first time in his life perhaps, Donald Trump is an employee. In this new and unfamiliar role, Trump hasn't seemed to grasp that his scope for keeping secrets from the people he works for is highly limited. Nor does he seem to understand that there isn't anybody around him who is under any personal obligation to keep his secrets for him.  
Trump gives every appearance of thinking "leaking" is illegal, which it hardly ever is. Anyone, both inside and the outside of the White House in this free country is free to give their version of events to any reporter that person chooses to. In Trump's business world he prevented that by making everyone sign confidentiality agreements. Nobody he works with now has signed such an agreement." Hiram 
"Agreed. That is why Trump had Comey fired.
Comey was a centrist who worked for the USA.
Trump wants people that are "loyal to him".
Of course that is hard to find in a Public Institution." G2A 
"Trump fired Comey because Comey was pressing the Russian investigation.
Trump still thinks in terms of loyalty. He is mad at some Republican senators because they weren't loyal. He really hasn't figured out that members of Congress don't work for him. His desire for loyalty helps to explain the nepotism, the need he feels to surround himself with family members".--Hiram


Anonymous said...

It's hard to make sense of much of what Trump says, and that presents a real challenge to people who try to see things from different points of view. Trump's point of view just isn't available.

Trump objects to Sessions' recusing himself from the Russian investigation. But I don't think anyone other than Trump himself thinks Sessions was wrong to do that. And even if he hadn't recused himself formally, I have no doubt that AG Session would have completely distanced himself from the investigation, which amounts to a de facto recusal anyway. This is so obviously true that I find it difficult to come to grips with a logic or a way of thinking that comes to a different conclusion.


John said...

I think you nailed it in the post comments.

Trump actually thinks that he is still the CEO of a Private Company where everyone owes allegiance to him, and him alone. He thinks they should be willing to sacrifice their career, the law, etc to do so.

Now I know he is slow to change, but I have this stubborn hope that someday he will figure it out that him being President is not about HIM...

I wish he could watch and understand the comments from these 2.
CNN Clinton Bush and Humility
CNN Coverage 2

John said...

CNN Opinion: Trump - Blamer in Chief

John said...

CNN 35 Quotes

Sean said...

By hanging Sessions out there to dry, Trump figures he can leverage against Sessions like he was trying to do with Comey by "allowing" Sessions to keep his job despite his "lack of loyalty". Or, if Sessions decides to leave, he just picks a new lackey to take the job.

John said...

Personally I keep thinking that Trump keeps digging himself deeper into the obstruction charge...

"Sessions should have never recused himself, and if he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me before he took the job, and I would have picked somebody else."

Wouldn't this statement infer he wanted to make sure Lady Justice saw things a certain way...