Saturday, December 13, 2008

Life is Hard ! So Work and be Rewarded !!!

In "Life's Greatest Lessons" (Urban), one of his first lessons is that "Life is Hard". He does not say this to depress the reader, in fact quite the opposite. If life was simple, what would be the thrill of living? What would be our purpose? If we never faced any hardship, how would we really appreciate the good times and things in our life?

So given this simple truth that "life is hard", how do we avoid criticizing, complaining, comparing, competing and contending?

My advice is to start by really looking in the mirror and doing some deep soul searching. Only by truly understanding what you value and believe in can you move forward with a good rudder. Next, really evaluate where you are at in your life and accept responsibility for it. Then envision clearly your desired life and a rough path to get there.

By this time, you know your beliefs, where you are and where you want to be. Next is the hardest step, go back to that mirror or talk to your close friends to determine how your current actions and behaviors are aligned or not aligned with your beliefs or goals. Then envision clearly your "new life" and truly feel the benefits you will gain by behaving differently where necessary and taking the first step on your path. Since, "Life is Hard" it is critical that you keep the vision in place to help you through the challenging times.

By clarifying your values, goals & working towards them, I guarantee the 5 C's will be less important to you. This is because you will be seeing the results you desire and you will see the 5C's as just another distraction or waste of time. (ie keeping you from attaining your "new life")

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