Tuesday, December 9, 2008

RAS School Closings to Come

Well we made it through the referendum and are looking for a new Superintendent, now on to the new excitement. RAS needs to close more schools, this may surprise many of you since we just passed the levy and you thought life was good. However the student population continues to decline and RAS must shed the excess building/personnel cost in order to use our tax dollars efficiently.

District's Problem Definition

I am hoping that the citizens will look at the decision from the perspective of what is good for the whole RAS community and what is most cost effective for RAS schools/students. Unfortunately, this was not the case last year when folks fought tooth and nail for their local community schools.

As for my viewpoint: I want more RAS dollars in the classroom, not in buildings, unnecessary school staff, curriculum selection, & other "non-teacher/kid things". So sell all excess facilities and move the capital that is raised into classroom equipment. (ie smart boards, computers, etc.) And move the expenses that are saved into lower class sizes or higher teacher pay.

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