Saturday, August 3, 2013

Odds and Ends Post

Here are links to some of the MPP posts I am participating on or found interesting.

MPP Judicial Bias?

MPP Gay Marriage / Consequences

MPP ObamaCare is Working?

MPP Islamophobia

MPP Childcare Unions
MPP Business and Union Poll

I greatly enjoy reading their posts and commenting since they are local, and yet so distant from me... Thoughts?


Laurie said...

I really don't enjoy reading that blog, the posts or the comments. Maybe it is a tone thing. Maybe I will read it for a few days to see if I agree with their opinions, when I deliberately ignore the tone.

Laurie said...

about judicial bias-

quoting senator Leahy:

“They’re (GOP) saying, well you know the caseload is down. Baloney! Caseload is a lot higher than it was during the Bush tenure when they said they needed new judges,” Leahy said. “This is an extraordinarily important court. A lot of the things that go through the administrative parts of our government go there, and they can do … more to thwart the will of the president or the Congress than anybody else because most cases never get to the Supreme Court.”

Leahy, in response to questioning from CQ Roll Call’s John Gramlich on “Newsmakers,” said that he believed Republicans “do not want a balanced court” at the D.C. Circuit.

“I’m not asking for a Republican or Democratic court, I want one that’s balanced,” Leahy said. “It is not balanced now, and they are trying to keep it unbalanced.”

Leahy Eyes ‘Nuclear Option’ Threat to Confirm Judges

from wikipedia the current court has 9 justices appointed by republican presidents and 5 appointed by democrats. Adding 3 appointed by Obama seems fair to me.

John said...

That's maybe why I like reading MPP. It is kind of like reading the Onion. Sometimes it is hard to remember that they are truly serious. I really need to find a Conservative Blog that is as far Right as MPP is far Left. Freedom Dogs used to fill that role, then they were unable to take comments and the fun was all gone. (ie no far right commenters to discuss logic/analysis with)

Then again after looking at their headlines, maybe I'll need to start cross linking there more often and we can discuss it here... Freedom Dogs

It kind of looks like Laurence, Stephen and Judith's positions should be coming available sooner than later... All have Bdays in the 1930's... 2 from Reagan and 1 from Clinton.

I have no problem with Obama nominating Judges as long as the Senate has to bless/vet them. What I thought was interesting was that the post's author wanted a Judge with strong policy opinions. When I am sure they would be screaming bloody murder if a Conservative President wanted to put a judge on the bench who was an active pro-lifer...

Laurie said...

It seems that it should be easy to find a far right blog these days. How about Powerline

The linked post on Obamacare seems far dumber than anything I read on a liberal blog.

About Obama's judicial appointment- I Don't see what is so objectionable about nominating someone who has been a strong advocate for women's equality. MPP is very mainstream in opinion and tone on this one.

Also, there are currently 3 open seats for Obama to fill. If those you mention retire then we might see a slight tilt to the left of the court.

John said...

By strong advocate for women's equality, do you mean strong advocate for affirmative action /reverse discrimination... As one of the typically villified white males, I am not sure I can take much more of that.

My Ethopian friend told me he had a peer that was frustrated by all of the programs / money that my friend had access to that he couldn't even apply for because he was a white male. So much for equality.

Now if you think we need judges who are advocates. Then you will support future judges who support fetus rights?

Laurie said...

I imagine GOP presidents have appointed plenty of justices that are pro life. It seems to me that the senate should be allowed to vote on presidential nominees. If they nominate someone who is poorly qualified by education and experience or too far out of the mainstream senators should vote nay regardless of party affiliation.

I think I don't want to debate affirmative action right now. Perhaps in another thread sometime.

Just a reminder for those keeping score-it seems MPP has a reasonable position on this one. The senate should vote on Obama's nominee.

Laurie said...

It occurred to me while on a long bike ride that score keeping on ideologically opposite blogs could be fun.

I rate the objective main idea (OMI) from the powerline Obamacare post - that house republicans should withhold funding from Obamacare - as dumb.

Agree or disagree?

John said...

I am not sure I thought Obamacare was to save us money... Not cost us money...

What funding does it need?

Laurie said...

The result of Obamacare will be that some of us will feel better knowing that many fewer will be uninsured. I don't think it was designed to save us money. Sept. should be a much more interesting month when congress has to deal with spending.