Friday, April 11, 2014

Bullies and Comment Moderation

The MinnPost comment moderation folks are causing me fits again, so here we go again.

MinnPost GOP Legislators Cite Objection regard Anti-Bully Bill

Jonathan...  My line is here...
Heterosexual Relationships
Homosexual Relationships
Swinger/Open Relationships
Polygamy Relationships
Polyandry Relationships
Incest Relationships

Karen,  I am 100% indifferent to religious or sexual orientation views and actions being discussed in our schools.  I have no "dog in this fight".  I just find it ironic that the conservative Christians and the Gay rights folk both seem to want to impose their belief systems on others.
G2A MN Legislative Session - Safe Schools Discussion

Why wasn't Jonathan's comment regarding my supposed employer not blocked.
MinnPost Comment Guidelines
Seems like an attack that has nothing to do with the topic to me.  Besides I like to keep life and work separate, and I have no idea what he is talking about.

Jason,  Please provide a source regarding your accusation... "doesn't extend to granting the same understanding to all of those lazy, minimum wage workers that you love to disparage here on a daily basis. Yup...they can all be painted with the same stereotypical broad stroke."

I do often ask what are the characteristics of adults (ie 21+) who are still only getting paid minimum wage?  That means I am trying to understand reality, not propagate a stereotype. I truly do not know...

Whereas I believe that you do want to propagate a stereotype that "ALL" minimum wage workers work hard, are capable, are responsible, etc and that it is the businesses that are treating them unfairly.  I personally think it is much more gray than that.

No I do not believe that "So your kid can't rub shoulders with a kid that's gay in some sort of school situation? "  However the question of how many shower rooms should be provided has been discussed here before. G2A How Many Shower Rooms

That was a very interesting article and I hope the scientists continue the good work. It looks like they are getting close regarding identifying who is likely to be gay. Though it seems they are still in the dark regarding lesbians. Telegraph: Being Homosexual is Only Partly due to a Gay Gene, Research Shows

It will be interesting if they get to the point when they can reliably determine the sexual orientation of the fetus. That could leave some on the far religious right with some conflicting alternatives.
I'll need to share it with my Conservatives on G2A and see what they think.

I have no idea why these seemingly polite and proper responses are being blocked. MinnPost Comment Guidelines I have probably had it with that comment string since I am not able to reply... 

Thanks for the discussions and I hope you will treat the folks on the Religious Right with the politeness and respect that you would like them to show you and your beliefs..



John said...

Some thoughts from the Far Left.
MPP Conservatives Wail

John said...

Eric's comment did trigger a question for me. Would the GOP have supported the Bill if it had not included this text. "sexual orientation, gender identity and expression"

Within this paragraph.
"“(f) "Prohibited conduct" means bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, or intimidation as defined under this subdivision, retaliation for asserting or alleging such conduct, perpetuating such conduct by transmitting hurtful or demeaning material, or engaging in speech that will materially disrupt a student's learning environment. Prohibited conduct includes discriminatory conduct based on a person's actual or perceived race, ethnicity, color, creed, religion, national origin, immigration status, sex, marital status, familial
status, socioeconomic status, physical appearance, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, academic status, disability, or status with regard to public assistance, age, or any additional characteristic defined in chapter 363A, as well as association with a person or group of persons with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics; however, prohibited conduct need not be based on any particular characteristic defined in this paragraph or chapter 363A.”

John said...

Eric also provides this link to bill.

John said...

Still being blocked...

Here is Jason posted:
"and the same can be said when you're in the far right seats. When you refer to a small, accurate sampling of conservative bullying as "a bit exhaustive typical far Left for me" especially considering your daily plethora of posts that grinds out the same tired ground while endlessly pimping your blog ( as if the unique insight contained within will lead us all to the epiphany that conservatism is the only way to salvation ) it's painfully obvious that you have no capacity to look at your own views objectively, much less mine... or anyone else here, for that matter."

John said...

Here was my reply that did not get through. I don't know what those moderators are looking for...

Based on the amount of time I spend disagreeing with my Conservative and Liberal commenters. I would say I am sitting in a chair somewhere just right of center in the theater. Maybe at about the 5/8ths area.

I have an opinion as to where you are sitting in the theater, however my opinion really doesn't matter. I am curious though, how often do you disagree with the "Far Left"? Does the DSAUSA website seem correct and logical to you? Do you see anyone as being Left of you in the theater?

These answers would give you an idea as to where you are sitting in the theater. Most people I know see themselves as "normal" and therefore "moderate". It must be a human psychology thing.

As for "pimping", I have never gotten a penny for my hobby. I simply link there because I know where some relevant information or discussions reside."

John said...

This was the discussion that got me to post Political Self Awareness.