Monday, April 14, 2014

Scientists Find Gay Gene?

RB gave me the source shown below recently, however it was buried in my MinnPost venting.  Since it didn't get any comments there, I thought I would make it a stand alone.
"That was a very interesting article and I hope the scientists continue the good work. It looks like they are getting close regarding identifying who is likely to be gay. Though it seems they are still in the dark regarding lesbians. Telegraph: Being Homosexual is Only Partly due to a Gay Gene, Research Shows

It will be interesting if they get to the point when they can reliably determine the sexual orientation of the fetus. That could leave some on the far religious right with some conflicting alternatives."

From my simplistic perspective:
  • Currently many people see being LGBT as a belief or behavior system. (ie similar to a religion, life of crime, etc)  And who is to fault that view when there is no physical test or observation that clearly defines a measurable difference.
  • Whereas if science can determine sexual attraction preferences through a repeatable test, everyone would be more likely to accept that sexual preference is physical / physiological state of being.  Just like being a man or a woman.
  • If this becomes clearly identifiable via a test, just like blood type, then parents on the religious right will need to decide how to handle the reality of their child's physiology.
  • And we may want to reconsider how many shower rooms we need in our schools, etc???
  • One more silly thought. Since they haven't found a gene, is it possible that women could choose "lesbian" relationships just because men can be so frustrating and crass?  And the physical aspects just aren't that important to them?  I only say this because I heard a Lesbian on the radio say something like this... "Men, You like to envision Lesbian women locked in passionate love making. Men, It just isn't true, imagine the likelihood of having 2 women working through their physical and emotional issues, and being in the mood at the same time..."

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