Sunday, July 20, 2014

Consequences of Ignoring MN Costs

This was a fairly interesting post that of course the Liberal commenters quickly worked to "dismiss".
MinnPost Dismissing the cost of doing business in Minnesota will be at our peril

I thought that was funny given the title of the post...  And some of the comments of course praised the DFL/Dayton tax and spend policies of last year for our great economy.  Here are some related posts.

MinnPost MN adds 8,500 Jobs in June (3900 were gov't jobs)
MinnPost Franken Defends DFL Policies (doing better than Wisc)

Of course I posted my usual view.
"Please note that the recovery started long before Dayton and the DFL's recent tax and spend work. The reality is that we don't know the impact of last years changes yet. The good times we are experiencing now came from the GOP's fiscal restraint.

Time will tell the impact of these higher taxes and additional spending."


Sean said...

Government employment in Minnesota and nationally is still below where they were before the financial market crash of 2008. In fact, if government had grown under Obama at the same rate it grew under Bush, we've have about 1 million more jobs nationally.

John said...

Please provide a source for MN especially. I am having a hard time finding one. I am curious what has been happening the last 18 months.

A national source would be appreciated also. My gut feel is they are winding down 2 wars, hopefully fewer people are needed.

And of course I am going to thank congressional gridlock for controlling the spending and head count growth. However I can be swayed by data.

Anonymous said...

Minnesota has a wretched business environment yet businesses seem to prosper here. Texas has a wonderful business environment, the envy of states and nations everywhere, yet it has lower wages and higher unemployment than Minnesota.

Maybe business environment isn't everything.


John said...

Personally I think it is the weather, it drives away many people who have a poor work ethic.

Just like it drives away almost all the poisonous critters.

And I don't think we have a wretched business environment, however it could become wretched if Dayton and the DFL keep raising taxes and spending.

It seems to have done very well with the GOP in control for a decade.

Laurie said...

Looks like the dfl controlled the senate all but 2 of of the last 40+ years. They probably put the brakes on at least some of the worst parts of republican agenda.

senate party control

Anonymous said...

The question Texans need to ask themselves, and need to be asked by others is, given the fact that they are all afloat on an ocean of oil, how come so many of them are so poor? Maybe it's for them to look to Minnesota and ask, why we are so rich, given the fact that we subsidize their economy by our purchases of their ridiculously priced oil?


Sean said...

National data:

Government employment peaked in July 2008, at 22.567 million. Today, it stands at 21.908 million (a loss of 659,000 jobs).

In the eight years of the Bush Administration, government added 1.426 million jobs. At the comparable point to the Obama Administration (June 2006), government employment had increased by 1.1 million jobs under Bush. So, in fact, the gap is closer to 2 million jobs.

MN data:

Government employment peaked in September 2008, at 420,900. Today, it stands at 419,500.

Most of the growth in government employment the last 18 months has been at the local level, which would fit with the investments made in K-12 education over that time.

John said...

Thanks !!! I'll look at it later.

I am always interested in what government employment change should look like.

Their should be pressure to hire more due to population growth. Yet it should be shrinking if technology is effectively implemented.