Sunday, July 20, 2014

McFadden Football Team Commercial

The regular MinnPost commenters are throwing stones at the McFadden TV commercial.  Which of course I thought was fun and caring rather than the typical political TV Ad cesspool.

MinnPost  McFadden Commercial

Here was how I commented:
"Truth In Advertising...

If this is the team, then he just showed the truth. If he had shown his work with minorities or charity, folks here would question his sincerity.

The reality is that none of the Liberal commenters here could be swayed by anything he showed, said or did. And the good thing is that you are not the people being targeted.

Moderates are the target and I think it will play well with them. Definitely better than Franken's let government save you message."
Of course that triggered a variety of the typical Left leaning responses.  See link for more detail.



Laurie said...

I guess the election will be decided by swing voters opinions on whether out of control spending has to be stopped and Obama care repealed or if senators can make a difference in our lives through the legislation they pass.

Franken ad -Proud

Franken ad - Rigged

I think swing voters will stay with the dems and their vision of good govt, as they may be as tired as I am of the 2 point GOP platform.

also, I am so surprised that Mcfadden has no details on where he would find $500 Billion in spending cuts.

McFadden plan to Rein In Out of Control Spending

Last, his Smarter Solution for Health Care is weak on the details as well, but surely a new MN created plan will be better because, well, just because.

John said...

The good news is that we can see how Franken voted:
Vote Smart

He definitely wants government "protection" and "oversight" in all aspects of our lives. I am betting that this is kind of expensive and inefficient.

Anonymous said...

The reality is that none of the Liberal commenters here could be swayed by anything he showed, said or did.

Not strictly true of course. McFadden could say things that would sway even liberal commentators, but the fact is, he doesn't say them. The point with McFadden is that he carefully avoids saying anything at all, something liberal commentators will talking about a lot. So he tells us in vague terms, what a nice guy he is. He even ran one commercial with someone saying she would vote for him because he was a good listener.


John said...

I think only his conversion to Democratic Socialism would satisfy that crowd.