Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pro Life Politcs in Mississippi

Just a reminder: I am against abortions and for giving the mother (parents) the right to choose one if they feel strongly that it is the correct choice.  (at least through the first trimester)

So I am actually happy to see that the courts have stymied the Pro Life community's efforts to skirt Roe v Wade.  US Appeals Court Blocks Mississippi  Abortion Law


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Laurie said...

The little bit I follow the the legislative/court battles on this issue it seems the prolifers have been getting more wins than losses.

I hope other courts will reach similar decisions that women have a constitutional right to access for an abortion.

Laurie said...

The issue I am interested today is the GOP gov race, as I just listened to them debate on MPR. I thought they all sounded the same on the issues and any of them would lose to Dayton.

I am curious about which candidate people support and who do they think will be the strongest opponent against Dayton.

Laurie said...

Based on their views on education, I would prefer Seifert of the four.

GOP governor hopefuls: Overhaul education to close gap