Thursday, November 13, 2014

Give to the MAX

Well folks, Give to the MAX day is upon us again. So pry open those wallets and give deeply to support the causes that you think deserve the help. Yes that means using your money, not someone elses.
Give to the Max Day

Odds are good that I will be supporting PRISM and Seven Dreams as usual.
Seven Dreams Foundation
Banaadir Academy (Laurie's School)

However I am torn about Parents United, I do find their legislative updates useful, and sometimes appreciate their perspective. However they seem to be highly "Education MN" friendly. Meaning they seem to want to raise funding and rarely mention raising accountability or eliminating tenure. So they may get the lump of coal this year, however I'll take some time to read their recent information before making a final decision.
Parents United

Finally, I should give to MinnPost and MPR, since I enjoy the content they provide.

So who else do you think the other readers and I should consider giving to this year and why?


Laurie said...

Thanks for supporting my school! We need all the help we can get. This year the money raised will be used to add books to classroom libraries and to provide field trip scholarships. I plan to give money my school as well, although I already spend a ton of money buying books for my own classroom.

Give to the Max Banaadir Academy

John said...

You are welcome !!!

Anonymous said...

I used to give to Parents United, but from what I can tell, they've become the "PTA" of Education Minnesota. Since Education Minnesota is the most powerful lobby in the state with an extensive PR operation, why would I pay for Parents United to echo the teachers' union yet again?

John said...

That unfortunately is my thought exactly.

I am unsure why they are choosing to "Put Teachers First"?

At least I understand why Education Minnesota does it... It is a union that exists to make their Teachers more compensation and to make sure no one is fired.