Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Nascar, MN and Communists

It seems like a good time to retell my friends NASCAR driver story...

"In the 1960's my grand father was eating in a diner in Ohio when a famous NASCAR driver came in.  They started to talk and the driver asked my grand father where he lived.  My grand father replied that he was a citizen of Minnesota.  To which the driver responded, "Oh you live with all them Communists...""

Well we may not all be communists, however we have again shown that a majority of people in the Twin Cities metro support more government involvement in our lives, higher government spending and higher taxes. I say this because Hennepin county alone pretty much ensured Dayton's win over Johnson.  Politico Results Maps: Minnesota

On the upside, the GOP took back the MN House !!!  So hopefully we can slow the tax and spend spree that the DFL led during the last 2 years.

Other thoughts?


Laurie said...

I think the surprising parts of the map are the blue counties in southern and western MN. I was also surprised that Dakota county (where I live) is red (by a very small amount)

Maybe it won't matter much that we have a GOP house because I don't think the dems were going to do much in the way of new taxes / new spending, anyway, and the GOP can't undo what they did last session.

Hopefully there will be no budget shortfalls and we're in for a couple of boring years.

John said...

I don't know... I think 2015 is a budget setting year... Since 2014 was a bonding year...

It should be fun.

Anonymous said...

It's a decision to take the next two years. For myself, I welcome the rest.