Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cassie and Izzy

Sorry for the gap in posting, real life has been a bit chaotic.  About a week ago, we had to put my best friend Cassie to sleep.  She had been living with an ever growing tumor wrapped around her liver for last year or so.  It was huge and we knew she only had a short time left with us. 

We took her with us boating on Sunday at Medicine Lake and she had a great time until she fell against the boat hull and into the water while trying to jump from the dock to the boat.  She must have ruptured or torn something, because she was going downhill quickly on Monday.  Therefore the family made the decision to put her out of her discomfort on Monday evening. She died peacefully and quickly surrounded by some of those who loved her.

Now for part 2 of the story, two of my Daughters decided that our house and I could not be without a dog…  Therefore they drug me down to the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley on Friday.  We found some potential candidates, but no winners.  Then my oldest daughter told me Saturday morning that a 3 year female Golden Lab mix had just shown up on line.  I was in the neighborhood, so I stopped by and found a winner.  (the 30 day return policy also help us take the chance on her…)  So far though she is incredible and I have no idea why someone in Missouri gave her up.  The biggest problem was that the name on the records was Rachelle and she did not respond to it…  Therefore the family went into conference and decided to name her Izzy.
I still miss Cassie something awful, but Izzy is decreasing the sting and keeping me very busy.

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Laurie said...

Sorry about the loss of your dog and congratulations on finding a new dog so quickly. Nice photos.