Tuesday, April 26, 2016

GOP is DOOMED... Or not...

A gift from Laurie...
This tax topic bores me so I will throw in a link to something more interesting:

“Complete and total destruction of the Republican Party”: Former Reagan official Bruce Bartlett on why he backs Trump

I can't say that I see the GOP returning to sanity any time soon.
And some thoughts I left at MP Demographic Shifts Spell Doom for GOP
"The reality is that people who have earned money through hard work and self discipline will be more likely to vote Republican, since they will value their personal wealth and want lower taxes so they can spend it or give it away as they choose. And the folks who want the government to arbitrate / control the distribution of wealth in America with no regard to effort / sacrifice will continue to vote for Democrats.

On the upside, as more non-white individuals become more financially successful... They will shift towards the GOP / Capitalism party and away from the DFL / Social Democracy party. Thank heaven for the pendulum." G2A

"If you are standing in line at a movie theater that has 500 seats. 50 people walk past you and budge in line in front of you, thereby pushing you to the point in line that you are not able to see the movie. The theater management sees what happens , refuses to sell tickets to the budgers and let's you buy tickets. Is this a "hard line stance" in your view or is it "fair"? 
If you want to let in more legal immigrants who are willing to apply, stand in line, go through back ground checks, etc... Sounds great !!! I'm all for legal immigration, it can help keep wages globally competitive. 
If you want to give citizenship to "budgers" who bypassed the legal process, avoided back ground checks and jumped in front of law abiding immigrants... Then I disagree. I think they should go to the back of the line... 
By the way, on a related note apparently ~400,000 people illegally entered the country and ~400,000 left... Therefore net illegal immigration was about ZERO. Now this is good news until you think that many of ~400,000 people entered the country with NO Background check... It is kind of amazing that we have not had more terrorist incidence since our border is apparently pretty easy to violate." G2A

"As I said, I don't who will vote for who... However I think race should have little to do with it" G2A.


Laurie said...

So nobody wants to comment on Trump and what shape the GOP will be in with him as the nominee. I think the party will likely be strong enough to keep DC in near total gridlock. Maybe with the new dem majority post election the senate will eliminate the filibuster so Hillary can at least get her judges and other appointees confirmed.

John said...

Along those lines.

"Race isn't the only problem. Republican do "better" among white Americans but they don't ALL the white votes, they get roughly 9% more (49% compared to 40% for democrats). Meanwhile white American's are walking away from core republican hot buttons like abortion, anti-gay, anti-women, etc. etc. White Americans are become more socially liberal and frustrated with republican zero-sum reasoning. All liberals really have to do is be liberal and start putting liberal solutions on the table. Instead we have a democratic party establishment that typically pushes back when it's time to put liberal initiatives on the table." Paul

"One word... Trump...

Please note that the Republicans are saying no to Cruz, the Religious Conservative. It seems the GOP voters agree with you. It will be interesting to see how the party elite and the far Religious Right adjust." G2A

John said...

I think you will be amazed how many moderates and even Democrats may vote of Trump. There are a lot of citizens on both sides who are tired of politics as usual. And a large number of reality TV fans who will just see it as another program for their enjoyment.

Anonymous said...

The reality is that people who have earned money through hard work and self discipline will be more likely to vote Republican, since they will value their personal wealth and want lower taxes so they can spend it or give it away as they choose.

Democrats work for a living, just like Republicans. The difference is more a matter of self perception rather than personal working experience. As a Democrat, I know that I earned money through hard work and self discipline but that my success is tied up with those who went before whose hard work and self discipline put me in the position of being able to succeed in life. We see a pact between the generations, that Republicans seem determined to break, at least with respect to those aspects of it that benefit them personally.


Laurie said...

David Frum also has some thoughts on How to Save the Republican Party

I am not taking time to comment on this, as no one here is interested or thinks the GOP is in need of saving.

He does reference an interesting sounding book that will be published next month that I might skim read if it comes to my local library

John said...

It is an interesting piece, and though I look forward to a Republican Party that is more social relaxed and actually fiscally Conservative. I just don't see it happening anytime soon. The hard religious Right folks are going to keep insisting that the USA not fall into being a Sodom and Gomorrah.

I keep hoping that the Democrats will figure out that nothing good comes out of just giving people other people's money, because like feeding dependent deer... You just end up with more dependent deer who need more feed... But I don't see that changing anytime soon either.

Well let's hope for that dream moderate Leader...