Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Challenges in Turkey

I find this an interesting story of Secularists vs Islam Supporters.

Probably a good thing if we keep the number of Muslim folks a little lower in the USA.  Many here are concerned that the Christians influence our government too much and are too intolerant.  Which is nothing compared to the Muslims in Turkey right now.


CNN Turkey Details
CNN Turkey Crackdown


Laurie said...

I don't understand your comment and how it relates to your links. So if anyone is interested here is another link about Islam secular divide in Turkey:

The divide between Islamists and secularists is not as clear as some believe.

also, only 1% of Us population is Muslim so we could increase this by a factor of 10 and they would still have limited influence.

Sean said...

The folks trying to get out of the Middle East are largely doing so to flee those Islamists.

John said...

Hi Laurie,
I am thinking that is probably a good thing. It seems to me that a moderate Muslim is somewhat equivalent to a Christian Fundamentalist. British Muslims Told to

Hi Sean,
Please prove that "intent".

Please remember that the ISIS folks are violent Muslim people. Of course other Muslim people run from them. That does not mean that they have extremely different belief structures.

John said...

More food for thought. LGBT is Islamic countries map

Anonymous said...

"That does not mean that they have extremely different belief structures."

Much like the KKK and Christianity.


Sean said...

If you thought that living in a society ordered to Muslim beliefs or at least friendly to Muslims was a priority, the United States would be pretty low on that list.

(And you know what, even if they are fundamentalist, so what? Don't they have a right to their religious belief, just like those at the Republican convention who claim that only certain religious beliefs are compatible with American society?)

John said...

I am fine with more Muslims coming here and maybe driving our culture to be somewhat more reserved.

Are you? Maybe LGBT actions become illegal again?

The challenge with Democracies is that they do represent their people for better or worse.

Sean said...

"I am fine with more Muslims coming here and maybe driving our culture to be somewhat more reserved."

That's the exact opposite of what you said less than 24 hours ago.

John said...

I am certain that the KKK and normal fundamentalist Christians do share many core beliefs, since the KKK members likely belong to a church. What is your point?

I assume the KKK is somewhat like ISIS. Many violent intolerant people who want to force change.

Now remember that you are not a fan of fundamentalist Christians trying to legislate morality, yet you want to invite more Muslims into the country who often strive to do the same thing.


Do you want to encourage more fundamentalist Christians to come live here?

Laurie said...

It seems to me based on reading the news and knowing Muslims in my school that Muslims mainly vote for democrats and do not priortise their conservative religious values when voting.

Anonymous said...


The point that you and most other anti-Muslim folks miss is that the fundamentalists do not represent the religion as a whole, in exactly the same way that the KKK, although they are a Christian organization, do not represent the Christian religion.

You take the good with the bad. Either Muslims are welcome or they're not. And what will you do with the Muslims who already live here?

Let's not forget that Timothy McVeigh was not a Muslim, yet is responsible for one of the worst terrorist attacks to ever happen on U.S. soil.


John said...

I am not saying that the Muslims are going to attack. There is likely a small minority who may, but probably similar to our own home grown crazies.

I am saying that the other Muslim countries show a tendency to be more socially Conservative. Something that you would usually be against.

Though likely biased, here is an interesting article. Though of course it does make sense since many Christians and Jews here want laws that are aligned with the Judeo Christian faiths.