Sunday, July 31, 2016

How Many Sub-Parties are There?

Eric writes here about the current chaos of our "2" party system. MP 5 Parties in 2?

And in the comments here, Paul and Charles make an argument that both Clintons are actually Right of Center.  MP War On Gov't  Also, Paul makes a note that the Progressives have had it all figured out since the 70's and the Liberals are part of an "Elitism" problem.  I was going to copy some of their comments, but they are too wordy.

My question is where is the center from your perspective? Are there more classifications? What is the difference between a Liberal and a Progressive?  Is the Progressive to a Liberal as the Tea Party is to a Conservative?
  • Democratic Socialists /Progressives
  • Liberals
  • Moderate Liberals
  • Undecided
  • Moderate Conservatives
  • Conservatives
  • Tea Party Conservatives
G2A Political Self Awareness  And remember that per the Nolan Diagram there is "wealth transfer" axis and a "personal freedom" axis.  Are there more that Nolan did not recognize?


Anonymous said...

The Republican Party is an uneasy coalition between social and religious conservatives. The Democratic Party is a more complex coalition of labor, women and minorities.


John said...

I think you have oversimplified this. I am for the most part a GOP member and I think I would fail the "social and religious conservative" test.

And really... "more complex coalition of labor, women and minorities"... Talking about being racist and sexist... What beliefs do they have in common?

John said...

Some data to help...