Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Voter ID Laws Struck Down

Now I am a fan of the SD style of Voter ID law.  It is interesting what is happening with the more restrictive versions.  Thoughts?

WP Appeals Court Strikes Down NC Law
TT TX Law Issues
Wiki Voter ID
NCSL Voter ID Laws


Sean said...

It seems to me that the courts are merely calling a spade a spade. These laws are purposely designed to have a disparate impact on certain communities. (And, in many cases, the people pushing these bills openly admit such.)

John said...


John said...

Weren't you calling me a hack for proposing that there may be ill intent and conflicts of interest in the DNC's handling of the Primary without a hot smoking gun in hand?

Now here you are not only claiming that there may be ill intent in asking people to keep their Photo ID valid and Current, you are insisting there is...

I personally wish the USA had a mandatory Photo ID that every legal citizen needed to keep current. There is no reason for people to be off the grid and still claim the rights of being a US citizen.

Anonymous said...


Conventional wisdom. Projection can be dangerous but here, I think it is applicable. I have followed politics all my life. And speaking for people who follow politics, whatever their political persuasion, what we know is that high turnout favors Democrats and low turnout favors Republicans. That's why Democrats do so much better in high turnout presidential years. So given that understanding, which believe me, all political activists who think about these things share, it makes sense for Democrats to favor measure which facilitate high turnout, and Republicans favor measures which tend to depress turnout. And, lo and behold, that's what we actually see, a rare case in which logic actually prevails.

So that's why, in a status quo where there is no evidence at all of voter impersonation, Republicans seek to impose voter ID requirements. They know, as we all do, that their voters are more likely to have voter id, and therefore less likely to be discouraged from voting. More extreme, and less restrained Republicans have suggested even higher barriers to voting such as requiring proof of citizenship.

The problems of the Republican Party are both deep seated and a cautionary tale to the rest of us. The nomination of Donald Trump, an act of profound political malpractice, which should be a source of shame for Republicans everywhere, is not an isolated event. It is a culmination of a mindset that shows a contempt for our political process, that threatens our political process. The ongoing process of failure, exemplified in its attack on the franchise, and in larger ways by the nomination of a man like Trump, puts the legitimacy of our political system at risk, the consequences of which are unpredictable but surely dangerous.

It is in the interests of all of us for the Republican Party to get their act together and they need to do it much sooner than later.


Sean said...

Here are a few, for starters.

WI Congressman Admits Voter ID Law Will Help GOP

Republicans Admit Voter ID Laws Are Aimed at Democratic Voters

Unbelievable GOP Statements on Voter Suppression

Voter ID will Allow Romney To Win PA

Another Republican Admitted That Voter ID Is All About Disenfranchising Democrats (includes many of the above plus some new ones)

WI Republicans Were Giddy About Making It Harder To Vote

Sean said...

If you want more backup, read the court decisions themselves and how the justices go through the design of the provisions and how they were uniquely targeted.

John said...

From the HP link...

"At that time, he said the law, which he helped to pass in 2011, could help GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney if it were in effect for the November election because “people who vote inappropriately are more likely to vote Democrat.”

Do you disagree with this statement?

I am not sure you are hearing what he is saying.

Got to go... Very busy. Heading to China again tomorrow... I'll read more later.

Sean said...

"Do you disagree with this statement?"

Yes, I do. Because there's no evidence that there are these large numbers of people who are "voting inappropriately". So some GOP politicians have ginned up this story that poor and dark-skinned folks are "voting inappropriately" and targeted provisions to make it harder for them to vote.

Seriously, you should read the court decisions on these cases.

John said...

I am always fascinated how so many things come back to race with your comments.

Now I understand that the Democrats want to encourage and make it easy for people who want big government services/ money for themselves, high taxes for the successful, etc to vote.

And I understand that the GOP wants people who support small government, low taxes, etc to vote.

And yet you turn this into a race issue. Do you really think that poorly of White Americans? Isn't that the true definition of racism"

I think I am going to save reading the rulings until the SCOTUS weighs in on this.

John said...

I'll read more of your links when I get some time.

Anonymous said...

“people who vote inappropriately are more likely to vote Democrat.”

In general, it is the case that people who have trouble voting tend to skew Democratic. That's why Democrats tend to do so well in recounts. Recounts tend to find and count votes that are otherwise rejected because of technical issues. And people who generate technical issues are more likely to be Democrats.

The measures proposed by Republicans aren't responsive to the problems they claim exist. They want voter ID but impostor voting is virtually non existent. If it did, there would be reports of people going to the polls and finding that someone had already voted in their place, something I just have never heard of happening.


Sean said...

"I am always fascinated how so many things come back to race with your comments."

Courts have found that these policies are targeting folks based on race. Sorry if that's inconvenient for you.

jerrye92002 said...

I've been an election judge, election observer and recount judge and I can tell you that there is all kinds of election fraud going on, with most of it in heavily Democrat precincts. There is a lawsuit before the MN SC right now with concrete evidence that enough felons voted to give Al Franken the win, and that enough "non-existent" voters voted to give Mark Dayton the victory over Tom Emmer. It is not fair to say that this is black voters, except that blacks vote overwhelmingly Democrat. Whether they actually show up at the polls or not. Voter ID laws would help a lot, depending on what provisions are included.

The problem with most of these cases is that those objecting (Democrats) cannot find any real person who is or will be "disenfranchised" by the law. I see no problem with disenfranchising people who are not allowed to vote or who do not even exist.