Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Catholic Priest Witch Hunt?

Now I agree that if your organization is determined to make their staff give up all the little normal things that make life worth living. (ie sex, spouses, sex, children, sex, etc)  You are likely to get some atypical people signing up for your organization.  What young man in their right mind would give up SEX !!!

Then on top of this you tell everyone that homosexual feelings are sinful, and that they should fight them and be celibate if you can do nothing else.  So of course self selection will bias the sample of candidates.

However, even with this foolish doctrine in place I have to wonder if there are a lot of sinful people chasing after money, instead of closure.  Especially with this latest accusation...
MinnPost Nienstedt Steps Aside

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Anonymous said...

What the church has had a difficult time grasping and accepting is that this has been a crisis of leadership. And in terms of this crisis, Bishop Nienstedt's comment upon coming in to the archdiocese to the effect that the issue had been handled, just about says it all.