Sunday, December 22, 2013

Income Inequality Matters?

It seems the Liberals like MPP are seizing the opportunity to spin and exaggerate some statements made by David Hahn.  I don't know if they made sense or not, but it is interesting that they made national news...  HP GOP Lawmaker Not Convinced

And after just visiting China and observing their incredible wealth disparity, I found this article to be very interesting...  Since it seems to propose that the wealth differential does not matter as long as everyone's situation is improving.  The Diplomat Chinese Leaders Not Concerned by Inequality  Of course, this Slate article about China's Treatment of Journalists may indicate differently.  Though I think this has more to do with "Political Corruption" than "Wealth Differential".

Then of course there is this article that indicates the problem  does exist.  However it explains how the Liberals are trying to take advantage of some serious perception errors to make it appear worse.
Atlantic Cities: Terrible at Estimating Wealth Gap


By the way, I include these links to remind readers that I see American consumers as the key to resolving this "problem".  Not the American government.  (aka taxes and redistribution)
G2A Poor at Transferring Wealth
G2A Liberals and Foreign Cars
G2A Prius vs Volt


Sean said...

Does income inequality matter? Yep. I think it's pretty clear that it does. I think even many conservatives are coming around to the fact that it does matter, and that it's no coincidence that rising inequality has been matched with less income mobility.

The question is: what do you do about it?

John said...

Personally I don't think the inequality matters.

What does matter is that many jobs are paying the same or less due to the employees of the USA needing to compete head to head with people in low cost countries.

And as long as Americans don't "choose" to buy domestic and pay more, the problem is going to continue.

The government can not fix this, because anything that increases the costs of American product or services just makes it worse. The only way the government can fix this is by reducing the "cost of government" significantly since this a burden that drives up our domestic costs.

Now, how do we encourage Americans to just say no to their foreign toys, and yes to jobs for their fellow citizens?

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