Tuesday, December 10, 2013

US Budget Deal Announced

Well it looks like a deal has been announced that is not very well supported by either side.  Let the fights and rhetoric begin again...  Thoughts?

CNN Budget Deal Aims to Avert Another Shutdown
CNN Crossfire Both Sides Skeptical
FOX News Rolling Back Sequester
FOX News Summary of Bi-Partisan Budget Act


NumbersGuy said...

Please call 877-340-0186 to stop this BAD DEAL!! Go to website http://noemptypromis.es/ . Also this FB Page https://www.facebook.com/AFPMinnesota .

This is a move backwards in controlling spending!!

John said...

Ok NumbersGuy.
Please tell us what you recommend we as a country should do instead, remembering that the Democrats control the Senate and the Presidency?

Should we shut down the government again? Maybe refuse to pay our outstanding debts?

What does realistic success look like from your perspective and how would you get there? And do you really think that will help the GOP takes seats in 2014?

Laurie said...

Here is a liberal quoting a conservative explaining how the conservatives won the budget battle:

The War Over Austerity Is Over. Republicans Won

John said...

Does anyone have a graph of this that goes back before 2010?

I would like to know if these "cuts/austerity" are just the removal of "extra" funding that was put in place because of the recession.

Liberals often say we need to increase spending during recessions to get things going again. However they historically have forgotten that it was supposed to be a "temporary" cash infusion, not a new benchmark.


John said...

Now wouldn't it be ironic if the Democrats stall this one...

CNN Senate Vote

Laurie said...

I think it will pass and and higher % of dems will vote for it than GOP senators.

jerrye92002 said...

You keep wondering why Democrats keep raising taxes and running up deficits? It is the same answer at school district, state and federal levels, which is: baseline budgeting. I couldn't figure out how, if the Democrats in the US Senate haven't passed a budget in 4 years, why the deficits kept growing. Then I discovered the "Penny Plan." http://www.onecentsolution.org/the-one-cent-solution/
By cutting 1% below this year's budget each year for five years, the budget is balanced! What this tells me is that spending is going up faster than income. In our own school district their figures even showed as much though they never admitted it. They showed expected revenue growth of 2%, and expected spending growth of 8%, and didn't see that as a problem! We are going to suffer until we can be represented by people who DO understand that this is a REAL problem.