Monday, June 16, 2014

California Teacher Tenure Ruling

Dan at MPP is all bent out of shape over some teacher ruling, so it is probably it likely a good thing for the K-12 students and a bad thing for that small group of unproductive Teachers.

CNN Will Tenure Ruling be a Lesson
Forbes Tenure Ruling



John said...

MinnPost Tenure Ruling

John said...

MinnPost MN Tenure a Problem? The view of the Ed MN leader. Guess what she says?

John said...

MinnPost Moderators are driving me crazy again... MinnPost Tenure Lawsuit

"Do at some point show some respect for the evolution of both teacher's salaries and status in this backwards third world plutocracy. We are not the richest nation on the planet because some are rich. We are not the most gender neutral society because there is some representation. Nor are we racially equitable. Teachers are the underclass. That is a fact unions arose to bring equity. Some came but there is along way to go as Ray eloquently ponits out. Until that day as is sing,"I'm stickin to the Union!" But I can see you are clearly stickin it to the Union through lack of information." Joe

"Rationale: Joe,
Why would the best, brightest and most driven college students pursue being a Teacher?

I mean steps and lanes limit the rate at which their compensation can increase...

The current Union comp policies are great if you want to attract employees who want job security and Summers off, however they sure are not there to attract the most productive people or to encourage them to increase their effectiveness." G2A

"This may come as a shock to some one like you, but when compiling the list that constitutes individual happiness, not everyone puts money at the top. I know many wonderful teachers that do it because they love it and they make a difference in kids lives." Jason

I tried to comment something like this 3 different ways and it was not allowed.

Just because someone loves doing something, it does not mean they are capable / effective at doing it. I would prefer a truly effective indifferent Teacher in the classroom of my daughters rather than an ineffective Teacher who loved teaching...

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