Sunday, June 8, 2014

USA Should Go Nuclear?

This is an interesting post with even more interesting comments.  Thoughts?
MinnPost US Should Reconsider Nuclear Power

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John said...

Well, I will get things started.

It seems to me that some nuclear should be in the mix. As noted, solar and wind are not very reliable at night.

John said...

Another strange thought... We mine uranium and plutonium from somewhere... Why don't we put the spent rods back in that hole?

Wiki Uranium Mining

Sean said...

Yes, I think nuclear should be considered. But, we have to settle the waste issue before we can take the next step. I don't believe it's possible to put the spent rods back where they were found because they are more radioactive afterwards than before.

John said...

Are they more radioactive?

Or is the uranium just more concentrated?

In other words, if one buries with tons of normal ore, overall is it similar to what was mined initially.

jerrye92002 said...

If all of the waste from 40 years of 100 reactors were first re-processed, ALL of it would fit in a space the size of a large office desk. It's not a problem.