Monday, June 16, 2014

Iraq: Waste or Failed Intervention

The Liberals are out to use the destruction and suffering in Iraq to prove that all that US money and those US lives were wasted.  The irony I see in this is that these same people continue to demand that we spend ever increasing amounts on welfare, medicare and other programs that have not solved the poverty problem.  They see one as our duty and one as waste.

I am very sad that things are going poorly in Iraq.  Just as I am sad when an alcoholic falls off the wagon, an abused spouse goes back to their abuser, a student wastes a free K-12 education opportunity, etc.  Does it mean that interventions that provide people a chance to change their lives are a "waste"?  I guess I see Afghanistan and Iraq as a significant intervention that may or may not work.  I guess I am not agreeing that it was a waste.

Whereas I see waste in supporting people who refuse to change and improve decade after decade.  That is kind of like going back to Iraq multiple times and expecting different results.  That I agree would be a waste.

MinnPost Tempest over Bergdahl
MPP New Rule on Iraq is Shut Up

 Here is one of the comment strings from the Bergdahl piece.
"Relative Concerns. On one hand, you are frustrated by low wages, corporate greed, job off shoring, global warming, mining issues, etc.

Yet you are seemingly indifferent to the plight of people in other countries who face very real and immediate problems.

I agree the USA can not save everyone, however ensuring school girls aren't shot on the way to school or stoned for dating the wrong man seems much more important than many of the trivial problems within the border of the USA.

Priorities are an interesting thing." G2A

"You forgot to mention. Several times Karzai has threatened to kick us out. He is very ambiguous about our continued presence in HIS country. Is that the thanks we get for committing blood and treasure to the support of a corrupt regime? is time we leave this pathetic country and let them deal with their future themselves." Myles

"Lost Causes.  I don't mind leaving them to their issues, I mind the fact that Liberals are calling this a waste and we stop trying, while demanding that we spend more money on welfare, etc.

America spent money and lives to give the Afghan and Iraqi people a chance at better lives. They unfortunately are finding it hard to break old habits, thus to Liberals here it is a waste.

Yet we spend hundreds of billions each year trying to help those who are not willing to change, and the Liberals just ask for more.

I find it inconsistent." G2A

"Who is not willing to change. you're vilifying American citizens in the same breath as giving Iraqis and Afghans a pass for "unfortunately finding it hard to break old bad habits." You're either willfully obtuse or just plain mean spirited against the poor. Yeah, I'd rather spend billions to help the poor n this country than billions + American lives so Halliburton can rake in more corporate profits as we lumber into regions of the world that have been at war for thousands of years in some ludicrous attempt to whip a little American- style democracy on them. The money and lives spent WERE a colossal waste. The only "lost cause" is getting that reality across to people whose only personal sacrifice to these pointless wars is finding room on the bumper of their Suburban for a "we support the troops" ribbon." Jason
Yet to be cleared by the moderator.
"Yes very inconsistent.  
You want to spend Billions more on people in group 1. These people have been given an opportunity to obtain a free education.  They have access to many charities and other society provided services. They are protected by the rule of law.  And yet many of them choose to live in the safety hammock we continue to fund at increasing levels.
You see spending Billions on protecting people in group 2, women in particular, who live in near slavery with no chance at an education as a waste.
I am interested to know your rationale. " G2A 

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